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Why Choose Mr. Plumber?

Your most important choice is WHO installs or repairs your plumbing equipment! Without proper installation and service, you will not receive the savings and benefits that you should. The most important comfort we provide is trust, and we do what it takes to earn it. Our Customer Assurance Representative will make sure that you are satisfied with a job done correctly!

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Why Choose Trenchless “No Dig” Technology?

No one wants their property traumatized when they have a major sewer problem. As homeowners ourselves, we’re in the same boat. So, we offer non-evasive, “NO DIG” trenchless technology for major plumbing repairs.

What’s “No Dig”? It is a cleaner, easier, more economical and safer way to replace your sewer line. We can repair or replace underground pipes without disturbing the surface… including your driveway, landscaping, sidewalk and porch. There’s no landscaping nightmares with NO DIG! A steel bursting head is pulled through your sewer pipe by a hydraulic ram. The steel bursting head breaks through the existing pipe and pulls the new, replacement pipe behind it.

See how trenchless technology works.