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Water Line Repairs and Line Installation throughout Central Indiana

Central Indiana homes receive their water supply through a main water line that connects the residence to the municipal water source or private well. Installed below ground on your property, these water pipes are tough and generally hold up for many years. However, certain events can cause the line to sustain damage, leading to leaks and other plumbing problems.

As the age of the water line underground increases, the material is more susceptible to changes in internal or surrounding conditions that lead to damage and the need for water line repair. From changes to the surrounding ground to changing water pressure inside the pipe, there can be many causes that inflict damage to this main line. Once damaged, you may experience poor water pressure or discoloration of water, as well as other symptoms that tell you a leak is lurking below ground.

If you suspect a need for water line repairs, call Mr. Plumber Indy right away! Our licensed plumbers are available to assist with a variety of plumbing services, including pipe repair needs anytime – emergency water line services are available should your water line issue grow out of control.

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How a Water Line Sustains Damage

While isolated below ground, the water line running into your home is vulnerable to internal and external conditions. The water main line can sustain damage due to:

  • High internal water pressure
  • Internal mineral buildup
  • Pest damage
  • Wear and tear
  • Corrosion
  • Tree root penetrations
  • Ground freezing and thawing
  • Soil disruptions

These conditions can cause damage including:

  • Broken pipes
  • Cracked pipes
  • Corroded pipes
  • Mineral deposits
  • Leaking water valves

Signs You Need Water Line Repairs

Damage that occurs to underground plumbing system components often goes undetected. When it’s the main water line that is damaged, significant water waste may accrue before the issue is ever discovered.

It’s important that Central Indiana homeowners know the symptoms a water main line leak could produce and be able to identify them if they occur on the property. If you find any of the following signs, call us  for plumbing help right away – Mr. Plumber Indy will perform quick and effective line repair services to prevent additional plumbing problems.

  • Low water pressure that affects the entire home
  • Discolored water, which could be caused by infiltration of the water line
  • Water pipes make a vibrating noise when no water is running
  • New cracks in the home’s foundation
  • Mold and mildew growing on the home’s bottom levels
  • Surprise high water bills with no clear explanation
  • Puddles on the lawn
  • Puddles or water spots on carpets and subfloors indoors
  • Bubbling water leak at the street

Don’t wait to request water line services if the symptoms above appear on your property. Call Mr. Plumber Indy to address these issues now to contain water waste and restore your home’s clean water supply.

Should I Repair or Replace My Water Line?

It’s tough to know whether line repair is enough or if your home would be better served with water line services for installation. Consider the following points and speak with your plumber for guidance about the repair options for water lines that produce the most benefit for your home.

  • If the existing water line is composed of materials that are unable to be repaired, you’re better off replacing the entire water line than just a small section. These out-of-date materials are likely to cause additional problems down the road.
  • A water line that’s 50 years old or more should probably be replaced when investigated for piping repair. More issues occur at the end of service life, and at this age it’s likely to happen again and again.
  • If you’ve already made several water line repairs, time to trade up and replace the pipe. Stop the cycle of patching up water line problems only for them to reoccur.
  • When the cost to repair a water line is half of the replacement estimate, many Central Indiana homeowners feel their money is better spent replacing the older water line with new infrastructure that is likely to last longer with fewer plumbing issues.

Water Line Repair Services

When Mr. Plumber Indy arrives to help a customer with water line leaks, our first course of action is to uncover the problem at hand through a video inspection of the water pipe. With a specialized camera, we can visually travel through the line and find the point of damage. We also take the time to assess the pipe’s interior condition incase other repair needs are present.

Pipe repairing methods remedy water line breaks by patching the damaged piece of pipe or installing a brand new line for water supply service to the home. The use of trenchless technology allows any water line repair to be completed with little disruption, unlike traditional water pipe repair services performed by excavating the old line for replacement.

To repair a damaged pipe, trenchless repairs apply a lining to the pipe’s interior. This lining seals up any cracks and creates a new, full pipe section within the old section to patch the area. The finished section has a slightly smaller diameter than the original water line, but this difference does not affect performance.

Trenchless methods are also used to replace water lines. The trenchless tool allows a new water line to be fed along the original path as the old line is removed simultaneously.

Many Central Indiana homeowners prefer trenchless repair services versus traditional excavation methods. Trenchless pipe repair and replacement is not invasive, is completed sooner, and is less expensive.

Benefits of Trenchless Water Line Repairs

  • Using trenchless methods, repair water line damage within a day or two. This is much faster than the time required to perform excavation repairs.
  • With excavation, your yard and property must be dug up. Trenchless methods, however, don’t require that level of destruction – in fact, they barely bother your yard at all!
  • There’s no need for heavy digging equipment when trenchless repairs are made, lessening the cost of the repair process.
  • The pipe repairing solutions installed by trenchless repair and replacement are highly durable and long lasting, more so than piping installed through excavation.

Contact Mr. Plumber Indy to learn more about the options we make available for underground water line repair and replacement. Water pipe repairs are quick and easy with our modern plumbing methods!

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