Best Toilet Repair and Installation in Central Indiana

Toilet Repair and Installation for Homes in the Central Indiana Area

Toilet problems are an issue every Central Indiana homeowner wishes to avoid, yet from time to time they do pop up. When parts of the toilet malfunction or break, the toilet can become unusable, posing a serious inconvenience for household members and guests. When toilets fail to flush or exhibit other issues, repair is needed right away to keep your bathrooms usable for everyone in the home.

A number of issues can affect the parts to a toilet, causing issues such as sewer backups, a running toilet, a leaky toilet tank, or an overflowing toilet bowl. Toilet parts include the fill valve, flush valve, flapper, wax ring, and other components, all of which can sustain damage over time and require replacement.

Don’t let toilet problems take your bathrooms out of commission or cause water damage to your floors – call Mr. Plumber for fast and reliable toilet repair whenever you experience trouble with your toilet. Our team of licensed plumbers are able to replace failed parts and even install new toilets when needed to eliminate inconvenient and wasteful issues.

For toilet repair in your Central Indiana area home, call Mr. Plumber today to schedule service. If your toilet springs a leak after hours, don’t hesitate to contact us for emergency plumbing repair!

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Toilet Repair in Central Indiana

A broken toilet is a problem that affects the entire household. Don’t let this inconvenience linger on when a plumber can eliminate the problem for you! Turn to Mr. Plumber for expert toilet repair in the Central Indiana area. Our plumbers evaluate your fixtures to diagnose the problem, then get to work installing quality replacement parts or new toilets to get your bathrooms back in service right away.

A leaking toilet can lead to serious water damage to the floor underneath and the surrounding areas in your bathroom. While you wait for a plumber to arrive, it’s wise to turn off the toilet’s water supply to avoid further damage. To do so, follow these instructions:

  • Find the toilet’s shutoff valve – each plumbing fixture in the home should have a dedicated shutoff nearby. The shutoff valve for a toilet is usually on the wall behind or near the toilet bowl, below the toilet tank.
  • Turn the knob in a clockwise direction as far as it can go to shut off the water supply. If the knob is difficult to move, using WD-40 can help loosen it.
  • If you are unable to adjust the valve, be sure to notify your plumber of the issue – the shutoff valve may need to be replaced.

Signs You Need Toilet Repair

There are many parts in toilet fixtures that can malfunction and cause issues with the function and use of the toilet. A toilet that behaves differently is sharing a sign that repairs are needed. Whenever you notice differences in your toilet’s operation, water level, flush ability, or otherwise, call for toilet repair. Common signs of toilet problems include:

  • The fill valve takes awhile to completely fill the toilet tank
  • The fill valve runs constantly
  • The fill valve isn’t activated after a flush
  • Dripping sounds come from the toilet tank after flushing
  • It takes awhile for the toilet to complete a flush
  • The sink or tub makes a gurgling noise when the toilet flushes
  • The flush is weak and doesn’t clear the toilet bowl
  • Water level in the toilet bowl stays low
  • The toilet flushes two times back to back
  • A whistling noise comes from the toilet tank as it fills
  • A running toilet increases water level to the point of overflowing

Common Toilet Malfunctions that Require Repair or Replacement

Fixing toilet issues may require simple installation of new parts, or an entirely new fixture may be necessary. Some of the most common toilet problems plumbers deal with include:

Leaking, Loose Toilet Base

Water surrounding the base of the toilet or a wobbling, rocking toilet means the wax ring installed at the base is likely damaged and needs to be replaced. A busted wax ring allows water to leak out, which can damage the floor and produce a squishing sound when someone sits atop the toilet. You want to repair this issue immediately to prevent water damage to the floor.

A Running Toilet

If you hear the sound of running water from the toilet constantly, a part within the toilet tank could be faulty. Fill valves add water to the tank after flushing and are supposed to stop once the proper water level is reached, but if they malfunction, they could keep adding water that eventually spills into the overflow tube. A cracked flapper prevents a seal between the toilet tank and toilet bowl, allowing water to run out of the tank so fill valves keep working. It may sound like the toilet is flushing on its own without anyone working the flush valve. A running toilet creates large volumes of water waste, so have the issue repaired right away.

Flush Problems

If the toilet doesn’t flush properly, several issues may be the cause. If you cannot flush the toilet, the flush valve components may be disconnected – you may be able to solve this issue by reconnecting the chain of the flush valve to the flapper. Clogs in the drain line of the toilet may inhibit flush power and drain cleaning may be necessary to eliminate the blockage. Sometimes older toilets lose power and homeowners have problems with incomplete flushing – in this case, replacing the toilet is a wise choice.

New Toilets for Central Indiana Homes

Homes that still have older toilet models in use are using far more water than needed with each flush! Before 1980, toilets were built to use as much as 7 gallons of water for every flush! Today there are federal standards for the amount of water consumed by new toilet models. Toilets must use no more than 1.6 gallons per flush, yet the most efficient models use only 1.28 gallons.

By replacing old, inefficient toilets throughout the home, Central Indiana homeowners stand to generate immense savings on their water utility bills! An older, pre-1980s toilet requires over 12,000 gallons of water to operate each year, assuming it is flushed five times per day. A high efficiency 1.28-gallon toilet only uses just more than 2,000 gallons of water each year when used at the same frequency. Each toilet that is upgraded can save 10,000 gallons of water every year!

Mr. Plumber’s team of licensed plumbing professionals can upgrade your toilets to outfit your bathrooms with the latest high efficiency toilet models. This upgrade makes the home more efficient and helps homeowners greatly reduce water consumption along with water utility expenses. Numerous styles, profiles, and colors are available, so you can find a new high efficiency toilet that is a good fit for the aesthetics of your home as well as your water conservation goals!

Frequently Asked Questions

Running toilets can leak over 1 gallon of water per hour, wasting around 13 units of water a year.

A constantly running toilet can double a family’s water use if the problem isn’t addressed.

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