Tankless Water Heaters in Central Indiana

Tankless On-Demand Water Heaters for Central Indiana Homes

Tankless water heaters are energy efficient solutions that provide a new way to deliver hot water in a home. Through on-demand style water heating, the heat exchanger produces just enough heating for water wherever it is required. Substantial energy is saved by reducing the amount of work done by the water heater.

About 14 percent of all the dollars you spend on energy bills each year goes toward heating and cooling costs. When you remove the storage element, you can free up a lot of time and space for the things you love most. 14 percent may be reduced with proper sizing and installation of a tankless unit.

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About Tankless Water Heaters

Let’s start by understanding what a traditional water heater is. Most people have electric or gas water heaters that have a storage tank filled with water. That water is continually heated to the temperature that you have selected so that it is available whenever you need it. The problem is that it is being heated 24/7, and you are probably only using water a small fraction of that time. So you’re paying to keep water heated when you don’t need it which means you are using more energy and paying more in utility bills.

A tankless system doesn’t have a storage tank. It is able to heat water quickly and deliver it to you when you need it… on demand. You will save on your energy bills with this more efficient way of heating your water.

There are some definite advantages to tankless water heaters…

  • Up to 40% more energy efficient than a traditional natural gas water heater
  • Up to 55% more efficient than an electric water heater
  • Shuts off automatically when hot water is not needed… saving energy and saving money!
  • Compact wall-mounted unit with a life expectancy of 20 years, whereas hot water heater tanks usually last around 10 years.
  • Water hasn’t been sitting in a storage tank that likely contains sediment.

Tankless water heaters are a larger upfront investment than traditional water heaters. However, when making your decision, you should consider more than the initial price tag. With the energy savings and the longer lifespan of a tankless system, you’ll probably come out ahead over time when you invest in it over a tanked water heater. Tankless water heaters should be installed by a licensed plumber. If you are replacing a traditional water heater, you will need an experienced plumber to safely remove your current water heater and connect you tankless unit. This isn’t a do-it-yourself project.

Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters have a longer life. A tankless water heater system will provide hot water for about 20 years. That’s about twice as long as a traditional water heater which typically operates for about 10 years. So, you won’t need to re-invest in a new water heater as soon with a tankless system.

Tankless water heaters are compact and mounted on the wall which means they don’t require as much space as a traditional water heater. A tankless system is a great option when the physical size of a new water heater won’t fit in the available area. Plus, by eliminating the traditional water heater, you’ll free up a lot of space for other uses.

They provide endless hot water on-demand. Since a tankless system heats water as you need it, you don’t have to worry about running out of hot water when you’re the last in the family to get a shower. You’ll still have as much hot water as you want.

Tankless water heaters save you money. A traditional water heater is always using energy to heat and reheat your water. Why pay to heat water when you don’t need it yet? And why pay to keep it hot when you didn’t need it in the first place?

Tankless water heaters require less maintenance. Sediment build-up and corrosion are not big problems for tankless water heaters like they are for tanked water heaters. Plus, maintenance doesn’t include draining and refilling a 40 – 50 gallon tank.

Tankless water heaters are a reliable source of hot water whenever you need it and at a preset temperature. If the unit is sized properly, you always have enough hot water even when you’re the fourth person to take a shower in the morning.

Tankless water heaters operate on demand to heat water only when you need it. This may reduce your annual energy costs by as much as 35%.

Tankless water heaters last longer with maintenance. Schedule annual tune ups to keep the water heater in service 20 years or more.

Tankless water heaters operate less, therefore could be considered safer.  Important safety features monitor water flow and water pressure, and notify you of dangerous conditions.

A tankless water heater is compact in size which takes less space; therefore, you have more options on where it can be installed in your home.

Repairs for Tankless Water Heaters

While tankless hot water heaters are relatively low maintenance, sometimes system issues do arise. Your tankless unit may experience repair issues such as:

  • Flame failure
  • Ignition failure
  • Mineral deposits
  • Overload the system
  • Cold air sandwich
  • Blockage in air intake or exhaust line

Your water heater won’t run right until repairs are made. Contact us at the first sign of trouble and have Mr. Plumber Indy provide elite service to keep your unit in top shape.

Maintenance Needs for Tankless Units

It’s true that tankless water heaters require little maintenance, but make sure you don’t misinterpret that as no maintenance or you’re in for big trouble!

If you have hard water, maintenance is especially important. If mineral deposits collect in water heater lines, they restrict water flow and slow down flow rates. In this condition, the unit expends a great amount of energy and becomes quite wasteful. Continued operation in this shape damages components and lessens system service life.

The tankless water heater must be descaled on a regular basis. This process requires a heavy vinegar solution to sit in the lines of the unit, then the solution was washed out for about 45 minutes to remove debris and remaining solution.

Call Mr. Plumber Indy today and schedule a service appointment with our plumbing team and we will provide the highest level of care for your home’s important plumbing equipment.

Replacing a Tankless Water Heater

Expect a tankless model to last 2x that of a conventional tank unit – about 20 years. Once you reach this point it’s best to start uncovering replacement options. Ensure you’re in capable hands as you search – turn to Mr. Plumber Indy to receive straightforward expertise and honest answers to help you arrive at a wise choice for your household.

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