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Indianapolis Rooter Service

Rooter service is a common term a used to describe any plumbing repair or drain cleaning service that addresses clogged drains and pipes throughout a home plumbing system.  Rooting in involves the use of several tools and techniques to eliminate clogged drains and restore good drainage throughout all the home’s plumbing fixtures.  Drain snakes and running water may be used to bust up and flush out simple clogs, while larger clogs may need to be pulled out manually by accessing pipe sections.

The term rooter came from tree root penetrations which commonly affect underground sewer lines.  The name rooter stuck, but today the service involves more than the removal of a tree root blockages.

Central Indiana homeowners searching for the nearest plumber to me who provides rooter service need look no farther than Mr. Plumber.  Our team of licensed plumbers are ready to perform rooter service to meet your plumbing needs.  We offer emergency service to eliminate drainage problems that pop up unexpectedly.  Emergency staff is available 24/7.

Mr. Plumber Indy provides expert drain and sewer service to Central Indiana homeowners.

Need Emergency Rooter Service?   CALL (317) 660-4919  Calls are answered 24/7/365

Treat These Clogs with Rooter Service

Drain cleaning with rooter service solves a common issue experienced in homes across Central Indiana – clogged drains.  Clogs produce different symptoms depending on their location within your plumbing system.

  • A single fixture with poor drainage is probably the result of a clog in its drain line leading to the main drain. Organic matter typically makes up a clog in this location.  In bathroom drains, hair and soap scum are common.  In kitchen drains, food particles are typically to blame.  The use of a drain snake and running water is typically all it takes to break up these clogs.
  • Clogs in the main drain line as well as the sewer line produce some similar symptoms, making it tough to determine where the clog exists. They both cause drainage problems across the home and water backup in fixtures when an appliance or nearby fixture is used.  A key difference is a sewer clog produces the possibility of sewage backup through drains.
  • When severe sewer clog rests in the sewer line, sewage and wastewater can back up through drains in the home and sewage gas odors linger in living areas. These clogs and can grow very large and are made up of many different types of debris including flushed items, food particles, grease, tree roots, and more.  Plumbing services need to address these clogs right away to avoid the risks of sewage and sewer gas exposure.

Signs of a Clogged Drain

When drainage problems began to appear, you don’t want to wait too long to schedule rooter plumbing service.  It’s important to recognize signs that indicate clogged drains when they first arise.  Symptoms to watch out for include:

  • Gurgling noises from toilets as well as shower, tub, and sink drains.
  • Water backups in nearby drains when a fixture or appliance is in use.
  • Wastewater backups so severe they flood your home.
  • Limited drainage.
  • A complete drainage block.

Rooter Plumbing Assessments

When you hire plumbers near by me, make sure you choose to work with an experienced professional skilled at rooter repair service.  When you call Mr. Plumber, a licensed plumber tends to your every rooter need.

Our first step before any service is performed is an inspection.  This step is important to identify the location of the clog, its size, and the materials it is made of.  After chatting about the symptoms you have noticed, we may use any of the following methods to assess your needs for rooter service:

  • A visual inspection of plumbing fixtures in drains throughout the home
  • Recreating symptoms by operating plumbing fixtures for observation
  • Conducting a video inspection in drain and sewer pipes

Once we identify the problem, your plumber explains the findings as well as what services are recommended to treat the matter at hand.  If pipe damage has been found it in addition to clogs, plumbing repair is likely to be recommended.  The clog can be removed and the line replaced or repaired to ensure reliable drainage throughout your home.

Enhanced Video Inspection for Accurate Rooter Work

No one likes surprises, especially during paid service.  Mr. Plumber knows you don’t want to hear about newfound damage after your rooter service is completed!  This is why we make every effort to thoroughly diagnose your plumbing needs before service starts.  With all the information up front, you are able to make decisions moving forward for the professional repairs you need.

Video inspection allows us to be very thorough when assessing the need for rooter service and other plumbing repair services.  By feeding a tiny camera down through the pipes of the home, the inside of the sewer line can be visualized easily.  The exact depth of the clog is identified and we can see the matter that makes up the blockage.  Additionally, the condition of the pipe’s interiors is seen so we can detect growing issues early on for future treatment.

Keep Drains Clear with Maintenance

If you want to avoid the need for rooter service, you need to keep your drains clean.  Clogs can affect a single fixture or the entire plumbing system, ranging from mild to severe and damaging.  Prevent clogs from forming in your drain and plumbing lines with the following advice.

  • Keep oil and grease out of your drains. Collect it and dispose of it in the trashcan.
  • Keep certain products out of the garbage disposal unless you want the machine to jam up or a clog to form down in your sink drain. Starchy foods including vegetables and pasta, skins, bones, coffee grounds, and other waste needs to go in the trashcan.
  • Drain stoppers should be cleaned once a week. Remove all hair and buildup from the stopper and be sure to reinsert it into the drain.
  • Cover tub and shower drains with a strainer to catch hair.
  • Use a strainer on kitchen drains to trap pieces of food and prevent them from going down the drain.
  • Wash pets outside as much as possible to keep more hair out of your bathtub drain. Over the winter months, be sure to use a strainer cover when washing pets in your tub or shower.
  • Keep everything but toilet paper and human waste out of the toilet. Feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, paper products, cotton swabs, and flushable items should all be thrown in the trash.  Flushable items are rarely dissolvable to the point they don’t cause clogs.
  • Inform children about the rules involving the toilet. No toys or other items should ever be placed in the toilet bowl.  Never flush the toilet if an item has fallen into the bowl.
  • Use lint catchers on washing machine drains to trap lint and fabric fibers and keep them out of drains.
  • Make sure the rooftop plumbing vent stack is always clear and unobstructed.

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Max is an important part of our team. He is more than just a cartoon character. Max represents our commitment to quality work, craftsmanship, pride, and our passion to serve our clients and community. We celebrate this mentality through Max because these are the values that drive us to be the area’s most complete and comprehensive home service company. So, now when you see Max, you’ll know the story behind the man with the mustache!

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