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Indiana rains can often be described as down-pours that lead to flooding in basements and crawl spaces. Flooded basements can be costly to clean-up, and there is always the possibility that appliances, furniture, carpet, and other items in the basement will need to be replaced. Perhaps the worst loss is the potential damage to keepsake items commonly stored in a home’s basement – these personal treasures can’t be replaced with the rest of the lost items. Mold is another serious potential problem in flooded basements or crawl spaces.

A sump pump is usually installed in the basement or crawlspace where flooding is most common and collects accumulated water in a sump pit. When the water reaches a set level, it is pumped out of the pit and away from your home’s foundation.

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What’s a Sump Pump and Why Does My Central Indiana Home Need One?

A sump pump is a plumbing device that moves water away to keep basements and crawl spaces dry. Any Central Indiana home that sits upon a basement or crawl space foundation should have a sump pump installed to protect against potential flooding and other problematic issues caused by excess underground moisture, such as mold growth.

As groundwater levels increase from low to high, moisture often makes its way into underground areas of a home. It runs to the lowest point in the area, which is where the home’s sump pit is placed. The sump pit, also referred to simply as the sump, is a holding receptacle for water that has infiltrated the basement or crawl space. Within the sump pit, the sump pump works. The sump pump’s float switch detects when water level inside the sump pit is too high, then signals the sump pump to activate.

Once initiated, the sump pump works to remove water from the sump pit, sending it through discharge lines and away from the home. Through the removal of underground moisture, basement and crawl space areas are kept dry – flooding and water damage risks are minimized and proper conditions are maintained to prevent mold growth.

Why Flooding Can Occur Even with a Sump Pump Installed?

Sump pumps are typically reliable for the prevention of basement and crawl space flooding, but no system is fool proof. Flooding could still pose a risk to your home under certain scenarios. Learn what they are and identify risks faced in your Central Indiana home, and work with Mr. Plumber Indy to put the right plumbing tools and services in place for optimal protection.

No Battery Back-Up Sump Pump in Place

Indiana rainstorms are often accompanied by lightning and strong winds that can cause a loss of power to your home. If that happens, your sump pump will not run, and your home becomes susceptible to flooding.

This problem can be avoided by investing in a battery backup sump pump that will continue to work even when you lose power. Our plumbers are ready to help you select the right battery backup sump pump for your home.

Sump Pump Maintenance Has Been Overlooked

It’s great to have a sump pump as long as it works. If it is not properly maintained, it may not be able to do its job. The operation of your sump pump should be checked throughout the year by slowly pouring water into the sump pit until the float triggers turn on your pump. If the sump pump is working properly, it will shut off once the water drops below the shutoff level. If it has a problem, our plumbing team is skilled in sump pump repair and knowledgeable in choosing and installing a new sump pump if needed. It’s better to find out you have a problem before the rain starts.

Additionally, schedule professional sump pump maintenance services with our licensed plumbing team each year. Our plumbers deliver the attentive services this equipment needs to maintain reliable performance under any conditions.

You’re Using the Wrong Sump Pump

A sump pump should be chosen based on the amount of water it has to handle and not on the size of your home. The power of a sump pump’s motor is more important than the size of the pump. If your pump cannot pump water fast enough to keep up with the water pouring into the pit, your basement or crawlspace can still flood. If you suspect your sump pump isn’t cut out for the job, our experienced plumbers can make recommendations on the best sump pump for your needs and give you the information you need in order to make an informed decision.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Sump Pump?

Selecting a new sump pump for installation in your Central Indiana home is a big decision, as this piece of equipment has a big role to take on, protecting your house. Find equipment that meets your family’s needs – Mr. Plumber Indy explains the key criteria you need to consider before you purchase a sump pump.

Your Needs – Consider the needs of your home and household and figure out what sump pump equipment can be used to account for them. One of your most important decisions will be whether or not to invest in a battery backup sump pump. Heavy rain is often accompanied by power outages, and the standard sump pump doesn’t operate without electricity – a battery backup sump pump will continue to protect your home and belongings even when you lose power. It also serves as a fail-safe in case the primary pump malfunctions.

Warranty – Also consider the equipment warranty. You’ll get a better warranty when a professional plumber installs and maintains your system versus DIYing the job. Warranty protection could save you hundreds on repairs or replacements if needed due to defect – this savings is definitely something to consider.

“Do-it-yourselfer”? – Well, this is one of those times that you should rely on an experienced, licensed plumber and not a how-to manual. You can buy the best sump pump available, but it won’t do any good if it is not installed properly. With such an important application, don’t risk doing it yourself if you are not a plumber.

Who – Your most important decision is WHO you choose to install your sump pump system. Mr. Plumber will properly install, maintain, and provide warranty coverage on your investment. Mr. Plumber – a team that stands behind their work and whose goal is your complete satisfaction!

Frequently Asked Questions

Examine the sump pump unit and ensure that it’s plugged in. Test the sump pump by using a bucket of water, slowly pouring it into the basin and watch and listen for the sump pump to cycle on. Check the sump float and make sure it activates the pumping mechanism. Check for any clogs in the pump and inspect the outlet pipe (located outside your house) to see if there’s any blockage or damage.

Sump pumps are usually installed in the lowest part of a basement or crawlspace. It will be found in a pit like structure.

Sump pumps send water away from your house to any place where the water is no longer problematic, such as a drain storm or dry well.

Most sump pumps turn on automatically through a float activator arm or a pressure sensor.

No. Sump pumps make noise when they run. As water runs through the sump pump, it moves air out - which is what causes the sound. It should be minimal noise.

Your sump pump could be clogged. Over time the sump pump can accumulate dirt and silt. Another reason your sump pump may not be draining is because the float switch is clogged or jammed.

There are many reasons why a sump pump is constantly running. The sump pump may have a malfunction, or you may have another plumbing issue that’s causing the sump pump to constantly run.

Sump pump installation can cost anywhere from $500 - $1,200.

In most cases, standard homeowner insurance policies do not provide coverage for sump pump failures. It is important to have backup sump pump installed to help prevent damage from your primary sump pump failing.

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