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Indianapolis In-Home Water Analysis

At Mr. Plumber, we understand the importance of knowing what's in your home's water. That's why we offer our water testing and water quality analysis services. An experienced Mr. Plumber water quality expert will come to your home and perform a water test for you. This allows you to understand the quality of your water from the comfort of your own home. Requesting a water quality analysis is simple and straightforward, and our experts will go over the results with you and go over any possible solutions to improve your home’s water quality.

Test Your Home Water & Find Out What's In It

A home water quality analysis provides a comprehensive examination of the condition of your home’s water, testing for various contaminants and impurities that may affect its safety and taste. Common parameters tested include levels of lead, chlorine, pH, hardness, and various chemicals and minerals. Depending on the type of water test kit necessary for your home and its water system setup, it may assess the presence of heavy metals, pesticides, nitrates, and other potentially harmful substances.

By evaluating these factors, a home water test and report enables you to identify any issues with your water supply, empowering you to take appropriate measures to ensure clean, healthy water for your family.

Schedule a Home Water Quality Analysis

Store Bought Water Testing Kits vs. In-Home Water Analysis: What’s The Difference

You may see do-it-yourself water testing kits you can have delivered to your home. These water testing kits use a strip you’ll hold in water from your tap. While they are affordable and provide immediate results, they are only the first step a homeowner should take in determining an appropriate water treatment course of action.

Think of at-home water quality testing kits like the check engine light in your car. If the check engine light turns on, that’s the indication of an issue with your vehicle but doesn’t tell you the exact issue. A car mechanic will perform a full maintenance check and run a diagnosis to determine the cause. The same goes with these testing kits: the results will tell you have high pH levels, water hardness, or chlorine present in your water, but not provide a full detailed report of your water quality, like how many grains per gallon determining how hard your water is or the exact types and levels of contaminants in your drinking water.

Mr. Plumber provides a white glove, more accurate and detailed water testing experience. When you schedule an in-home water quality analysis with us, a water quality expert from our team will come to your home and collect a water sample to be tested in a laboratory for a more comprehensive analysis. While the results take time, the final report gives you an all-inclusive view into the state of your home’s water and its drinking water condition with results documented and certified by a licensed Environmental Protection Agency water testing lab. We will go over the results with you in-person, and discuss potential water quality solutions to put right your home’s water quality should it be needed.

How to Request Your Indianapolis Water Test

1) Fill out the Form: Provide your contact information and address using our online form.

2) Schedule Your Analysis: We'll promptly book a time to come to your home to collect the water sample and examine your home’s plumbing arrangement.

3) Collect Water Sample: We will collect a sample of your home's water.

4) Perform Analysis: We send the water sample to an EPA approved lab.

5) Receive Results: We'll provide you a copy of the results along with recommendations for any necessary water treatment solutions.

When is a Good Time to Perform a Test on Your Home's Water?

Regular testing of your home's water is essential to ensure the safety and quality of your drinking water. Here are some situations when it's especially important to perform a water quality analysis:

  • After a Change in Water Source: If you've recently switched to well water or municipal water, testing ensures the new source meets safety standards.
  • Following Plumbing Work: After plumbing repairs or renovations, test for any potential contaminants introduced during the process.
  • Physical Changes in Water: Notice changes in taste, odor, or appearance of your water? Testing can identify any issues affecting water quality.
  • Pregnancy or Newborn: For added peace of mind, test your water for contaminants that may pose health risks, especially for pregnant women or newborns.

Take the first step towards ensuring your family's health and safety by requesting an Indianapolis water quality analysis from Mr. Plumber today. With our easy process and reliable water testing results, you'll have the information you need to make informed decisions about your home water quality.

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