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Indianapolis Sewer Line Repair

Anything that goes down a drain inside the home eventually moves through the sewer line and out to the septic tank or city sewer. Your home’s sewer line is the largest pipe in the plumbing system, built to collect the waste and wastewater carried by every drain line throughout the home.

Many items can contribute to a clogged sewer line. Food debris, paper, grease, hair, and other materials gather to form a clog in the sewer pipe. It can be necessary to repair sewer line issues that start from external sources – tree roots that penetrate the pipes and soil that makes its way inside also contribute to a clogged or broken sewer pipe. Whenever there is a clog in the sewer pipe, sewer repair is necessary.

Because main sewer pipe clogs cause poor drainage in the home, many Central Indiana homeowners focus on drain cleaning to solve the problem. This specific repair isn’t always the only service needed to fully resolve problems. Main sewer line repair is necessary if pipes are broken or damaged.

Mr. Plumber is a licensed plumbing contractor repairing sewer line blockages and damage for Indianapolis, Indiana homeowners. Our local plumbers are available today, tomorrow, and any time you need professional help to resolve your sewer issues. While we do our best to schedule same-day service, our plumbers are on call around the clock when a sewer or plumbing service emergency arises.

Signs You Need Sewer Line Repair Service

Mr. Plumber can do more for your sewer lines than simply removing clogs. We use a variety of plumbing services to comprehensively address issues with sewer pipes. Our plumbing professionals know how to correctly identify sewer issues to ensure our sewer line repair solutions provide restored functionality of your plumbing system.

Common sewer issues addressed through sewer repair include:

Sewer Line Inspection in Indianapolis

Mr. Plumber uses plumbing video cameras to perform an in-depth sewer line inspection to assess a home sewer and plumbing system. If our professional recommendation is replacement, we explain the results of our sewer camera inspection as well as how the replacement corrects the issue better than any other repair service. With this information, you can make the best decision for your household. 

We understand that time and budget are always a concern whenever taking on an extensive plumbing project. When moving forward with sewer replacement, trenching or trenchless methods may be available. Our plumbers take time to discuss the two options with you and share the method we feel is most appropriate for your home.

Trenchless technology is often preferred amongst plumbers and homeowners alike, as this method creates very little disruption to surface property. Replacement of sewer pipes can be completed faster in a more environmentally friendly manner. While trenchless technology is newer, it is growing in popularity for the full replacement of underground sewer lines.

Sewer Repair Emergency? Calls Are Answered 24/7/365

Emergency Sewer Line Services in Indianapolis 

When sudden, severe sewer line issues arise, Central Indiana homeowners need a trusted plumbing business on speed dial. Knowledgeable plumbers are able to accurately diagnose problems within sewer lines and perform appropriate sewer line repairs quickly. Emergency sewer line repair services restore proper drainage in your home and allow your sewer line to function as it is meant to. When facing a sewer line emergency, Mr. Plumber is always available to help you.

Maintenance for Central Indiana Sewer Lines

Keeping your sewer pipes in good condition doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. Keep anything other than toilet paper and human waste out of the toilet – don’t flush feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, paper towels, or even wipes branded as flushable. With a small investment, stoppers and strainer drain covers can be installed to catch food particles, hair, and other small bits before they make their way into the sewer line.

Central Indiana homeowners can use Bio-Clean to help maintain home sewer lines. This product does not use harsh chemicals. Instead, natural bacteria and enzymes are used to break down organic matter existing in the pipes. Bio-Clean assists with the breakdown of hair, soap scum, food, paper, and other matter commonly found inside sewer pipes.

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