Water Softeners in Central Indiana

Water Softener Installation and Repair for the Central Indiana Area

Hard water produces frustration among Central Indiana homeowners – you’re tired of your dishes looking dirty, you’re tired of clothing feeling stiff, you’re tired of your hair and skin looking dull!

Luckily, there’s a fairly easy solution – water softener systems. Installing a water softener in your Central Indiana home allows you to undo the hardness natural found in well water as well as municipal water throughout the state.

Mr. Plumber Indy serves the entire Central Indiana area, providing top of the line water softening solutions. Speak with one of our water quality experts today and find out how a softener can improve your water quality. Contact us today!

How Hard Water Affects Central Indiana Homes

The Central Indiana area is home to some of the hardest water in the entire country – lucky us. This means our water has higher concentrations of dissolved calcium and magnesium. The hardness of our water actually produces effects we can see and feel. Water marks are left behind on surfaces and soap doesn’t produce as many suds, making it more difficult to clean. Actually, that’s where hard water’s name comes from – people find it difficult to wash in!

Increased mineral content in a home’s water supply produces unwelcome issues such as:

  • Skin that feels dry, feels covered in soap residue
  • Dull, limp hair caused by excess buildup of shampoo
  • Dishes never look clean and are covered in mineral deposits
  • Clothes wear out quickly, capturing minerals that create stiffness and ruin fabric
  • Scale deposits wreak havoc on water heater efficiency and service life
  • Costs more to operate water heater, as scale deposits block heat conductivity
  • Beverages made from the water supply taste off
  • Plumbing lines collect mineral deposits and are prone to clogs, low flow rate
  • Kitchen and bathroom surfaces are continually covered in mineral scale and soap film

If you have any of these signs going on in your Central Indiana home, now’s the time to call Mr. Plumber Indy! We offer a $17 water quality test, conducted by one of our expert plumbers. You’ll learn more about your water quality than you ever though possible, and gain an understanding of the plumbing improvements you want to make plus their impact. Schedule a test today to find out how much softened water will benefit your household.

How Much Do Whole House Water Softeners Cost?

If you want to know exactly how much it will cost to have our plumbers install a new water softener at your home, reach out today and schedule a free estimate. Expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of a few thousand dollars, as that’s about average for installation.

For a new water softener, expect one to last anywhere from 10 to 20 years. Different systems boast longer service lives – talk to Mr. Plumber Indy to find the right equipment option to deliver softer water for your home.

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Indianapolis Water Softener Experts

Indianapolis just might have the hardest water in the country, so it is important to consider adding a water softener to your home. Water softeners remove minerals that cause hard water like calcium and magnesium and replace them with sodium or potassium which are “softer” minerals.

Central Indiana Water Softener Experts

Noted as a location with some of America’s hardest water, all Central Indiana homeowners need to consider improving water supply through the use of water softeners. Through ion exchange made possible by the system’s resin beads, softening of water trades calcium and magnesium for sodium or potassium – two much softer minerals.

Water Softener Benefits for Central Indiana Households

  1. Reduce the likelihood of plumbing system malfunctions and clogged water pipes, as mineral blockages are practically eliminated.
  2. Extend the service life of any water-consuming home appliance by keeping mineral deposits out.
  3. Get more life from clothing as soft water leaves it feeling comfortable and looking their best – all with less detergent!
  4. Improve the condition of your skin and hair as soft water makes washing more effective.
  5. Get rid of foul-tasting water, caused by hard minerals. Water softeners can also eliminate water odor.
  6. Lower your utility spend and save money as all water-consuming appliances run more efficiently without hard minerals draining them.
  7. Dishes lather up with little soap and cleaning goes quicker. Plus, those stubborn hard water spots no disappear.
  8. No need to clean as long as you used to, as soapy washing flies by faster with soft water.
  9. Water heaters do their job more efficiently, without sediment collection in the tank blocking heat transfer.
  10. Get rid of dry skin irritations and avoid certain skin conditions.
  11. Make your money back in improved energy efficiency over a few short years.

Professional Inspection for Water Softeners

If you already have a water softener installed, don’t forget to schedule your regular maintenance inspection. A licensed plumber examines key system areas and makes repairs as necessary.

  • Before and after water testing
  • Check salt level and bridges
  • Check safety float function
  • Inspect motor, valve, and bypass function
  • Verify time, regeneration, and cycle
  • Measure salt dosage
  • Backwash performance inspection
  • Rinse performance inspection
  • Brine tank draw performance inspection
  • Brine tank re-fill performance inspection

Beyond professional maintenance services, your water softener benefits from additional care by you over the years. Make sure to always follow the water softener suggestions below to preserve system performance.

  • Use an iron cleaner in the system each year.
  • Don’t overfill the salt bin – it should never be more than two-thirds full.
  • Wait for the salt to run out almost completely before you refill the tank.
  • Use a pure salt that has an iron remover in your water softener – do not use rock salt.

Water Softener Repairs

Every now and then, all water softening systems experience performance troubles. Some require professional attention to correct. The problem is, homeowners often fail to spot the signs of water softener trouble, so repairs aren’t made very quickly. While you probably don’t think of the home’s water softener too often, try to look out for these signs that tell you the water softener has failed to operate properly and call Mr. Plumber Indy for quick repairs.

  • Sinks and showers covered with water spots
  • Salty taste to tap water
  • Stiffness in clothes after washing
  • Low water pressure
  • Decline in water quality
  • Visible mineral deposits on plumbing pipes and fixtures

If the signs of water softener problems arise, call a plumber you can count on. For more than 70 years, Mr. Plumber Indy has faithfully served the plumbing needs of Central Indiana residents. We’ve always stayed up to date with the latest technology and solutions to hit our industry in order to deliver the very best for your home.

A water softener is no good if it doesn’t work correctly. Contact us as soon as symptoms develop and we’ll send a plumber to inspect the system and make repairs.

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