Here's How Much Water Heater Replacements Cost in Indianapolis

Indianapolis homeowners use a tank-style water heater or tankless water heater to gain enough hot water for use throughout the day. When the hot water heater is no longer able to get the job done or cannot be fixed through water heater repairs, it’s best to look into water heater replacement.

If you need to replace a water heater, there are many types of water heaters that can be installed in place of the old one. Tankless heaters and tank-style heaters can be energy-efficient appliance options. You can choose between natural gas water heaters or electric water heaters, and even switch out an old conventional water heater for a new tankless unit. Replace an electric water heater with a natural gas water heater if your home has gas lines installed or you wish to install new gas piping.

The cost to replace water heater equipment differs from one home to the next. Installation costs are impacted by equipment options and other work necessary to install a water heater correctly. Water heater prices fluctuate due to system type as a tankless water heater costs more than tank style installation. The energy efficiency of a hot water heater also impacts water heater installation cost, as a high-efficiency water heater, whether it is an electric heater or natural gas comes with a greater average cost than units of standard energy efficiency.

While each homeowner will have a different budget for water heater replacement cost, Mr. Plumber is here to help no matter what. Let our team of licensed Indiana plumbers help you explore your different hot water heater equipment options so you can make an appropriate decision between tankless water heaters or standard tank water heaters. Receive an estimate from our team that covers the installation costs to have water heaters installed. Below, you’ll find more information about water heater replacement including when to replace your water heater and the different replacement options available to you.

When Should Water Heaters Be Replaced?

While water heaters don’t last forever, predicting their final days is very tricky. In order to know when to replace your water heater, here are signs to watch for that tell you your existing water heater is on its way out.

  • A tank water heater can be expected to last 8 to 12 years while tankless water heaters usually last around 20 years. If your home’s hot water heater is at this age or exceeds it, it’s time to look into water heater replacement.

  • If tank-style heaters leak from the tank, this is a sign that you need to pursue new water heater installation. Sometimes leaks can come from pressure relief valves when excessive water pressure exists in the tank, but these issues are fixed through water heater repair. Leaks in the tank lining are not so easily fixed and water heater replacement is the preferred method to solve these issues.

  • If your water heater doesn’t make enough hot water or doesn’t keep water warm enough, you may need a new water heater. If the issue cannot be fixed through water heater repair such as replacing a bad heating element, it’s likely that the system is getting too old and can no longer work at its former capacity. Replacing the system will erase these performance issues.

No matter why you are replacing your water heater, it’s really important that you do so before the existing system fails. A failed water heater can result in significant water damage throughout the house. Tank water heaters and tankless water heaters should be replaced ahead of this point when possible to prevent this damage.

Types of Water Heaters for Indianapolis Homes

When planning for water heater replacement in your Indianapolis home, the first decisions you’ll need to make concern the type of water heaters and the fuel source that will be used to heat water. You have many equipment choices and models to select from, however, narrowing down your choices with these factors will make shopping easier. Decide whether or not you would like to have a tankless water heater or tank water heater, as well as an electric water heater or gas water heater.

Tank Heaters vs. Tankless Heaters

Most Indianapolis homes have tank water heaters, as these hot water heaters have been around the longest. Tank-style water heaters heat water and then store it away for the time when it is needed. You need to have enough room to install this type of water heater, as the tank requires plenty of space. The average cost of a tank water heater is generally lower than tankless systems.

More and more Indianapolis homes are turning to tankless water heaters because of their greater energy efficiency compared to tank models. Instead of heating water before it is needed, tankless water heaters heat water only when it is called for. Also called on-demand water heaters, these units do not require tanks for storage. Because there is no tank and the unit can be installed on a wall, very little space is required to place these water heaters in a home. The water heater installation cost for tankless units is generally more expensive than installation costs for tank water heaters.

Gas Water Heaters vs. Electric Water Heaters

Water heaters operate using either gas or electricity. When determining the type of water heater you want to buy, think about which fuel sources are installed in your home and how fuel costs will impact your water heating expenses long-term.

In a home that doesn’t have a natural gas line hookup, electric heaters are typically chosen when it’s time for a water heater replacement. The price for installing new gas lines and running gas piping throughout the home can increase labor costs by several thousands of dollars. If this is out of budget, an electric water heater is the best choice. If the home already has natural gas piping, either an electric water heater or gas water heater can be installed.

The choice between electricity and natural gas for water heating will impact upfront costs and ongoing costs over the life of the water heater. Gas water heaters are usually slightly more expensive to purchase an electric unit. Operating gas water heaters is typically less expensive than operating electric units as the cost of natural gas is lower than electricity in most cases. Paying a little bit more for a gas water heater will help you save money in the long run by keeping your utility bills low.

More Water Heater Considerations

Other factors that impact water heater replacement cost include unit capacity and energy efficiency.

  • A tank water heater’s capacity refers to the number of gallons of hot water it holds in the storage tank. Tankless systems measure capacity by flow rate which indicates how many gallons of hot water can be produced in a minute’s time.

  • A water heater’s energy efficiency impacts installation cost. High-efficiency water heaters usually have a larger price tag than standard-efficiency units. While purchase cost may be slightly higher, homeowners can recover the difference over the lifetime of the water heater thanks to lower hot water costs.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Water Heater?

Water heater replacement cost depends on a number of different factors, from the equipment you choose to work needed in your house. When you work with a plumber to complete a water heater installation, the price of a new water heater and labor costs to install the water heater correctly are included in the total water heater installation cost you pay.

If you want to figure out how much it will cost you to install a new water heater, it’s best to call a licensed Indiana plumber. A plumber will be able to help you determine the best hot water heater for installation in your home and give you an estimate that will tell you the cost of the project.

Water Heater Replacement in Indianapolis

Does your Indianapolis home need a new water heater? If so, you probably want to know how much does it cost to install a water heater? Mr. Plumber has the answers you need and is happy to assist you with this project.

Our team of licensed Indiana plumbers is happy to answer your questions about the different types of water heaters available. We can help you choose between tank or tankless systems, and gas or electric units. Once you pick the right water heater for your home, our team will install it and ensure it is working correctly so you experience the efficient hot water you’ve been wanting.

To determine water heater replacement cost in your Indianapolis home, call us today and request an estimate for water heater replacement.

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