Here Are the Top Water Heater Brands

Water heaters only last so long before it’s time to replace – on average, 10 to 15 years for tank water heaters and 20 to 30 years for tankless models. When it’s time to shop for a new model, there are many water heater brands to choose from. With so many options, some professional guidance is very helpful.

Mr. Plumber of Indianapolis is here to help make your search for a new water heater a bit easier. We introduce you to the leading water heater brands to help you become more familiar with the options on the market. Also, learn who to turn to for help as you determine which of the top water heater brands offers the best option for your Indianapolis home.

When you need water heater replacement, turn to the plumbing pros of Mr. Plumber. Our licensed Indianapolis plumbers help you select high-quality equipment from leading water heater brands plus provide expert installation in your home. Get a quote for water heater replacement and learn more about top water heater brands, straight from our experts – request a quote today!

Top Water Heater Brands

The plumbing industry is home to many great water heater brands which are dedicated to the production of reliable and efficient equipment for residential use. Below, we introduce you to some of the leading water heater brands available.

Bradford White

This American leader amongst water heater brands is well-known for their water heaters that are designed, developed, and made in the USA. As one of the oldest water heater brands, Bradford White water heaters are well-liked amongst plumbing industry professionals and homeowners alike.

Bradford White water heaters deliver impressive value. These high-quality units feature durable technology to ensure reliable hot water as well as a long service life. Their line of water heaters include tank and tankless models with gas, electric, heat pump, oil, and solar power options.


Navien is a leader amongst tankless water heater brands. Established in 2006, they are one of the fastest-growing home comfort companies across North America.

Navien tankless water heaters are internationally recognized for their robust product designs and sophisticated engineering. The company is known as an early leader in the development of condensing water heaters, which deliver optimal energy efficiency through the use of flue gas heat capture. The brand also offers electric tankless water heaters, with units available in a number of installation configuration options.


Rinnai is based in Japan and is an innovator in the water heater market. The company is dedicated to the production of high-quality products that boast impressive durability. A large research and development team ensures impressive product quality, design, and manufacturing.

Rinnai produces tankless water heaters that deliver impressive energy efficiency and savings. The company utilizes innovative automation throughout their manufacturing process matched with precision assembly to maintain their high product standards. Each finished system undergoes rigorous product testing to ensure quality.


You may recognize the name Rheem for their HVAC products, but the company is also a leader amongst water heater brands! Rheem water heaters are well-liked for their affordability, but their units don’t sacrifice quality just because of price. Their gas and electric tank and tankless water heaters deliver excellent energy efficiency, with several ENERGY STAR® rated models available.

A.O. Smith

A.O. Smith is an American water heater brand based out of Ashland City, Tennessee. Of the water heater brands available, A.O. Smith has the largest water heater factory in the entire world. With over 140 years in the business, A.O. Smith produces both gas and electric tank and tankless water heaters for residential and commercial use.

The company is a long-standing innovator amongst leading water heater brands. They were the first to introduce the glass-lined tank, which has since become a standard to protect steel water heater tanks.

American Standard

American Standard is another U.S. leader amongst water heater brands. The company produces gas and electric tank water heaters as well as gas tankless water heaters. This brand maintains their commitment to quality through superior product design and manufacture, as well as customer service. The company takes great pride in their long-lasting water heater tanks that feature innovative technology and manufacturing to deliver great value to homeowners.

Factory Authorized Contractors for Water Heater Brands

Now that you have a brief overview of leading water heater brands, how do you dive deeper and explore all of the options available? While there are many online resources available that are easy for homeowners in Indianapolis to access, this information is not always easy to digest if you’re not familiar with the plumbing industry and terminology.

The best resource a homeowner has related to water heater brands is a Factory Authorized contractor. Common in other industries, such as heating and cooling, many top water heater brands maintain professional contractor networks who are trained to install their products and knowledgeable regarding equipment options. These programs typically go by a different name at each of the water heater brands, but their meaning is always similar – these are the contractors to trust.

For example, Mr. Plumber is a Navien Service Specialist as well as a Bradford White Factory Authorized contractor. This means we have partnered with these brands to bring our customers their superior products and have undergone training and education to better serve you.

Plumbing contractors who hold these designations from top water heater brands know their products inside and out. Their knowledge is especially helpful as these contractors work to match you with the water heater that best suits your home’s hot water demands, as well as your goals for energy conservation, utility savings, and user experience. Plus, they know exactly how to install these products to ensure their performance in your home – don’t risk poor installation that negatively impacts the function and efficiency of your new water heater!

When to Replace Your Indianapolis Water Heater

How do you know when it’s time to start your search of top water heater brands and select a new unit? The following factors clue you in:

  • Life: Tankless water heaters typically need replacement every 30 to 30 years; tank water heaters need replaced every 10 to 15 years.

  • Maintenance: If you have neglected water heater maintenance over the unit’s service life, there is a greater risk of early system failure.

  • Leaks: Water heaters are more likely to experience leaks at the end of their service life. If you find water at the base of the tank, start your search for a replacement right away.

  • Poor Performance: If your water heater doesn’t keep up with hot water demand as well as it once did, doesn’t always work, or needs more repairs than usual, it’s time for a new one.

Evaluating the Choices from Water Heater Brands

As you can tell, there are many equipment choices available from these leading water heater brands and more. With so many options, the choice is a difficult one for many Indianapolis area homeowners.

As you shop top water heater brands and equipment, evaluate your choices with the following factors in mind:

  • Fuel Source: Water heaters are powered by natural gas, oil, liquid propane, and electricity. Most homeowners select a new water heater that uses the same fuel source as their existing unit, but you certainly aren’t always limited to that. Natural gas water heaters are typically the most energy efficient, whereas electric and oil water heaters are not always so. If your home already supports natural gas, it may make the most financial sense to switch to a natural gas water heater from an electric model. Across most of the country, natural gas is a more affordable power source than electricity – if you don’t have natural gas lines, consider putting some thought into expanding natural gas service into your home to support a new water heater.

  • Capacity: With a tank water heater, the unit’s capacity is measured in gallons, which indicates how many gallons of hot water are held in the tank. Tankless water heaters measure “capacity” by looking at flow rate and temperature differentials. To determine the right capacity for your Indianapolis home, you need to consider all the ways your household uses water and the frequency of these tasks, as well as who is using water when and at the same time.

  • Energy Efficiency: The more efficient a water heater, the less energy it consumes to heat your water – upping the efficiency from an old water heater to a new model can save you a great deal on energy bills. Water heaters measure efficiency using the Uniform Energy Factor (UEF), or Energy Factor (EF).

  • Equipment Type: The primary choices for residential water heating equipment include the conventional tank style, tankless water heaters, and heat pump water heaters. Solar and indirect water heaters are available, but they are less common. Price, efficiency, and available space for installation are factors that come into play for many homeowners as they select a water heater equipment style.

Access Equipment from Top Water Heater Brands with Mr. Plumber!

At Mr. Plumber, we know the difference a quality, reliable water heater makes in our customers’ Indianapolis area homes. We are pleased to offer a great selection of equipment from leading water heater brands Bradford White and Navien for installation in your home. Our plumbing professionals are happy to discuss equipment options and provide you with a detailed estimate for water heater installation.

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