Smart Plumbing Products for Connected Homes

Smart home systems and devices have become commonplace in homes throughout the Indianapolis area. As popular as they are, smart plumbing products aren’t as well-known to homeowners, even though they should be.

Smart plumbing products deliver new possibilities for protection against water leaks, better water conservation efforts at home, and improved daily convenience. Mr. Plumber explains what homeowners need to know about smart home technology for plumbing systems and the advantages it brings to your residence. Learn more about these systems and see if they are right for use in your Central Indiana home when you schedule an estimate with Mr. Plumber today!

Prevent Damage with Smart Plumbing Products

Homes throughout Indianapolis and across the country leak huge volumes of water each year – around 10,000 gallons of water is lost in a year due to water leaks in the average home. Anytime water escapes the plumbing system, there is a potential for damage.

Water damage claims are quite common – more that five times more likely than theft claims and six times more likely than fire claims. One in fifty U.S. homeowners file water damage claims each year, with an average cost of $10,000. Homeowners insurance providers have seen these claims rise over the past five years, further illustrating how severe water damage is to homeowners throughout the country.

Smart plumbing products have been developed to protect homes against water damage caused by leaks. With leak detection technology and smart components that cut water flow, these systems kick into action when needed to prevent damage caused by escaping water.

Leak Detectors

Leak detectors or leak sensors do exactly that – they detect leaks. When the unit comes into contact with water in an area it should not be, the leak detector alerts so the leak becomes known. When combined with other smart plumbing products, Wi-Fi-enabled leak detectors initiate automatic shutoff valves to stop escaping water and mitigate water damage.

Leak detectors are commonly installed in areas of the home that are vulnerable to water leaks, such as:

  • Laundry Rooms
  • Utility Rooms 
  • Crawlspaces
  • Basements 

A leaking pipe or appliance, depending on its severity, has the potential to let loose large volumes of water into the home until someone is able to stop the flow of water. With smart plumbing products, this is done automatically thanks to the connected devices installed throughout the home.

Automatic Shutoff Valves

Automatic shutoff valves sit on the home’s main water supply line. When leaks are detected by the home’s leak sensors, the sensors send a signal to the automatic shutoff valve. The valve then closes automatically to stop water from coming into the home. If a leak is present, that water would continue to spill out and cause damage if the valve was left open.

The benefit of an automatic shutoff valve is there is no wait time between leak detection and the valve being closed. With manual shutoff valves, someone must be present to shut off the water supply, which isn’t always possible. Thousands of gallons of water could spill into the home before the leak is found, creating devastating damage.

Water Monitoring

Water monitoring systems are smart plumbing products that watch water consumption throughout the home at all times. The system measures qualities including flow rate, water pressure, and temperature, assessing what is normal and what is not.

When differences are detected, the homeowner receives an alert via the system’s app. If the differences are indicative of a possible leak, the water monitoring system initiates the automatic shutoff valve to close off water supply. These systems are a preferred solution for leak detection and water damage prevention in homes throughout Indianapolis.

A water monitoring system also collects data about your household’s water usage. This information can be accessed via the app and analyzed to help your family make changes that support water conservation efforts. Insurance companies often reward homeowners who install this technology with lower premiums, as their homes are more protected against the possibility of expensive water damage.

Improve Conservation, Comfort, and Convenience

Smart plumbing products don’t just protect your home from damage, they offer great assistance in the way of water conservation, comfort, and convenience. While smart plumbing products aren’t a necessity, they do deliver benefits beyond what regular plumbing systems and fixtures are able to offer. In a connected home, bring these systems online to gain better control over water use.

Smart Faucet Technology

Smart faucets for kitchen and bathroom sinks connect with the home’s existing smart home hub and are compatible with popular technologies such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. These smart plumbing products add convenience in the everyday lives of the homeowners that use them.

Through integration with the home’s smart home hub, smart faucets are voice-controlled. Activate water flow by saying a command and you never have to touch a knob with a dirty hand again!

Ask the faucet to deliver a specific amount of water, tell it what temperature you want your water to be, and tell it when you want the faucet to turn off. Free up your hands for all the other tasks you are trying to manage at once.

Smart shower systems are all about convenience. Create profiles for every member of the family so each person can enjoy their preferred settings at the touch of a button. Eliminate all that water wasted during warmup, as a smart shower delivers water at the correct temperature every time.

Smart plumbing products for sink and shower taps collect water usage data, showing your household how much water is consumed, how long each activity takes, and more. This data helps you see opportunities for saving water, which also generates savings on your utility bills.

Smart Water Heaters

Water heaters are a critical appliance in Indianapolis homes, accounting for 18% of total energy use. Smart plumbing products for water heaters, such as smart units and smart controls, help homeowners reduce energy consumption and manage system operations easily. There are new water heater systems available that have smart home technology on board, or there are smart controllers that can be retrofit to work with certain existing equipment.

Smart water heaters are effortlessly controlled via a connected device. Depending on the model you choose, possible smart features include:

  • Remote adjustment for water temperatures and system operation – initiate vacation mode to save energy when away from home for long periods.
  • Components with integrated leak detectors and automatic shutoff valves initiate if leaks or system failure is detected to prevent water damage. 
  • Monitor hot water volume to ensure enough hot water supply is available before you shower.
  • Monitor condition of critical components and receive alerts when replacement is necessary. 
  • On-board diagnostics assist plumbing professionals in making quick, accurate system repairs when necessary.

Smart Sprinklers

What better home upgrade to make this spring than the installation of a smart sprinkler system to manage your lawn watering duties throughout the season? Smart plumbing products include total sprinkler systems that incorporate smart home technology as well as smart controllers for use with existing equipment.

A connected sprinkler system offers effortless control over your lawn’s watering needs – you can water the lawn from anywhere with your connected device. Features vary by product, but common advantages include:

  • Voice control over sprinkler system with smart home hub integration.

  • Adjust sprinkler settings remotely so you never have to disrupt other activities to get the job done.
  • Create unique watering profiles for every area of your property, accounting for special attributes such as soil type, plant life, sun exposure, grade, and other properties. These unique profiles ensure each area of your property receive adequate watering throughout the season.

  • Pause preset schedules in the event of water use restrictions, so you do not have to disrupt your programmed settings. 

  • The system’s Wi-Fi connection allows for weather monitoring to efficiently control sprinklers – units turn off when rain is present to eliminate water waste and overwatering.

  • System sensors collect data regarding your lawn, such as evaporation rates, to adjust watering schedules as needed throughout the season. 

  • Use less water with smart plumbing products for your lawn. Smart sprinkler systems with the WaterSense label help homeowners conserve water and lower utility bills, plus they may qualify for utility rebates.

With a smart sprinkler system, the hassle of this laborious chore is erased. This technology is especially handy for homeowners who take great pride in the look of their lawns.

Explore Smart Plumbing Products from Mr. Plumber

Smart plumbing products deliver new opportunities for Indianapolis area homeowners. Not possible until recently, these solutions allow homeowners to connect with the home’s plumbing system and its components for greater control, conservation, comfort, and convenience.

There are a variety of smart plumbing products available for use in your Indianapolis area home. Find out how these products can make a difference in your daily life while delivering advanced protection for your home – call Mr. Plumber today.

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