Homeowners’ Spring Checklist

Spring HVAC and Plumbing Checklist for Indianapolis Homeowners

Over recent days and weeks, many of us have found ourselves unexpectedly spending more time in the house. As the first day of spring has recently past, there is no better time than the present to tackle those springtime household chores. Mr. Plumber helps Indianapolis homeowners ready their homes for the coming season with our spring checklist, full of the essential tasks that undo the effects of winter and protect the home this season.

1. Screen Checks

When tears and holes form in window and door screens, airborne contaminants and even insects make their way into our homes as we try to enjoy the breeze. In the spring check all window and door screens for damage and perform repairs as needed. If you removed screens in the fall and stored them over winter, inspect them now then reinstall once necessary repairs are performed.

2. Roofing Inspection

Avoid roof leaks when spring showers roll through by making needed roof repairs now. Inspect your roof for damage from the ground with a pair of binoculars. If you notice missing shingles or areas of damage, jot their locations down and arrange repairs. Roof repairs help prevent water leaks and resulting damage.

3. Gutter Clean-Out

The debris that has gathered in your gutters becomes a big problem when spring rains pour, preventing water from draining away from your roof and home. Clean out gutters now and remove clogs that have formed in downspouts. After you pull out debris, flush downspouts with a garden hose – if water does not freely flow out the bottom end, you’ll know there is a blockage that needs to be removed.

4. Air Conditioner Cleanup

The outdoor heat pump or air conditioning unit can collect quite a bit of debris on its fins, such as grass clippings, bits of mulch, leaves, and more. This material blocks airflow, so it needs to be removed. While you’re at it, remove any plants, grass, or weeds growing up around the unit – keep at least two feet of space clear surrounding it.

5. Air Filter Change

Start the season with a clean air filter for best performance and efficiency from your cooling equipment. Take a look at the current filter – if its surface is gray and caked with contamination, toss it and insert a new filter into the filter compartment.

6. Cooling System Test

Though you don’t need to run it for cooling yet, early spring is the best time to test your air conditioner out. Turn it on and see how it runs. If there are problems, it’s better to find them out now so that repairs may be made in spring, as HVAC professionals become very busy once warm weather hits!

7. Sump Pump Test

As spring rains dump heavy volumes of water in the area, homes with basements and crawlspaces depend on sump pumps to prevent flooding and water damage. Ensure your sump pump is ready to do its job this spring by testing the system. Battery backup sump pumps offer extra protection and assurance, so you may consider adding this unit to your home.

8. Ceiling Fan Adjustment

When used the right way, ceiling fan use helps Indianapolis homeowners cut cooling costs without cutting comfort. Flip the switch at the base of the fan motor to make blades turn counterclockwise. As they do, a windchill is created below. Moisture is evaporated off the skin and not as much air conditioning is needed to stay cool.

9. Property Pick Up

Get outside and enjoy these first nice days with a walk around your property. As you roam, grab up big sticks and branches, as leaving them strewn about the yard can prevent grass from growing tall and strong.

10. Family Fun

While day-to-day life has certainly been disrupted, there is one bonus any of us are realizing – the extra time we have with our families. In a busy world, it’s not often that we have time to do so, so take advantage of the extra time you have now.

With the homeowners’ spring checklist complete, your Indianapolis home is ready to go! For assistance completing the tasks mentioned above, please call Mr. Plumber for your plumbing needs!

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