Common Plumbing Repairs to Expect

Homeowners experience problems with their plumbing every now and then. Common plumbing repairs are a normal part of owning a home, but that doesn’t make them any less frustrating. Many common problems are solvable without the help of a plumber, but some require a professional. Plumbers know how to solve the hardest problems, so it’s important to contact one when you experience issues – the plumbing problems you face may be more complex than you are able to see.

Indianapolis, Indiana homeowners turn to Mr. Plumber when they need plumbing repairs. We cover some of the most common plumbing problems around and how our plumbers fix them. We discuss the details of the repairs and how the repairs benefit the homeowner.

When You Need Common Plumbing Repairs

Some homeowners don’t know when they have a problem on their hands, which means they don’t know they need repairs. Though some plumbing problems have easy solutions for homeowners to complete on their own, a plumber does need to solve a number of more difficult issues. The problems below do have some at-home fixes, but it’s better for your plumbing overall if you have a professional take a look.

Here are a few of the common plumbing repairs that may be simple, or can be quite complex – who needs to tackle them depends on the source and severity.

  • Clogs. Any drain or pipe in your home has the potential to clog over time. Clogs come from many sources but are most commonly due to excessive amounts of food, hair, paper products, or other insoluble materials being sent down drains. When these clogs are far in the system or are incredibly difficult to remove, a plumber needs to remove them for you.

  • Leaks. Leaks are possible anywhere in the system. In most circumstances, homeowners are only able to patch the leak. This is a temporary solution. Plumbers need to implement permanent fixes to any leaks in the system to prevent damage to the plumbing as well as water damage in the home.

  • Low water pressure. Low water pressure is another common problem with multiple causes. Common plumbing repairs for low water pressure depend on the root of the problem. It may be a clog, a leak, or something else. However, plumbers do need to come to your home to properly assess the situation before they implement a solution.

  • Dripping. If you experience drips anywhere in the system or from water fixtures, you lose a significant amount of water. Water usage—even when you don’t know you’re using it—adds up on your water bill. You need plumbing repairs if you experience drips and aren’t able to fix the problem by tightening loose fixture or piping parts.

  • Noises. Any noises from the plumbing usually requires an inspection from a professional. Gurgling, hissing, and other noises indicate a larger problem in most circumstances. Only a professional plumber is able to find the source of the noise and find a solution for the issue.

  • Garbage disposal. Sometimes, the garbage disposal experiences clogs. Additionally, the disposer breaks due to overuse or wear. When this happens, a plumber must assess the situation and repair the disposal.

  • Backups. Backups occur when wastewater flows back through the system. Common occurrences are when toilet flushes cause sinks or tubs to fill with water. In these circumstances, common plumbing repairs by a plumber are necessary to return functionality to the system.

  • Poor water quality. Lastly, poor water quality occurs in many homes across Indianapolis—especially in homes with well water. Some water quality issues are due to uncontrollable circumstances, but there are some problems with solutions plumbers are able to fix. Some of these issues go beyond simple filtration, which is why you need a professional’s opinion.

Common Plumbing Repairs

Plumbers deal with common plumbing repairs on a daily basis. Homeowners sometimes fix these issues on their own, but without the proper tools or experience, more problems tend to arise. Plumbers solve these repairs often enough to know when the situation calls for more intense solutions. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to have a plumber inspect the problem before you deal with it on your own. Here are some of our most common plumbing repairs.

Drain Clearing and Cleaning

Common plumbing repairs often entail drain clearing or cleaning. Drain clearing refers to the removal of blockages and clogs in the system. On the other hand, drain cleaning ensures the pipes and drains are clean to deter the growth of mold and mildew.

Plumbers use a number of tools to remove clogs and clean drains. Our plumbers make sure to inspect the situation with a camera to find the true cause of the problem. Sometimes, homeowners suspect one cause for clogs—such as too much toilet paper in the toilet—but the real issue lies with a tree root infiltrating the sewer line. Drain cleaning involves a hydro jet to clean the walls of the pipe.

After the inspection, the plumber removes clogs with an auger or snake. For bigger blockages—like roots—more invasive measures must be taken.

Garbage Disposal Repairs

Garbage disposals become broken over time because of incorrect usage or age. When this happens, a plumber needs to assess the situation to see what action needs to be taken. Sometimes, the garbage disposal just needs a blockage removal, which a plumber also handles.

If you run a garbage disposal without any water, the mechanics entangle and objects become stuck. Professionals use tools to remove the jams if a reset of the disposal doesn’t work.

Water Filter Repairs

More common plumbing repairs relate to the water quality in your home. Most homeowners use some kind of filtration to improve water quality, but many don’t know how to fix problems when they arise. Plumbers address issues with the filter if they no longer filter the water, if the water pressure changes when it passes through the filter, or if the filter needs a replacement.

To fix these issues, the plumber first assess the quality of the water after it passes through the filter. This determines what kind of materials are not filtering out. With a pH imbalance, the plumber must use a water neutralizer to balance the water to a neutral pH of 7.

Pipe Repairs

Repairs to the pipes need a plumber because any at-home solutions done by the homeowner are temporary. In most cases, homeowners use a repair sleeve to cover sections of the pipes with leaks. However, this solution doesn’t last forever, so a plumber needs to come in and implement a better solution.

When the pipes leak, several courses of action are possible. The solution depends on the severity of the problem. For example, if a pipe experiences a total burst, then it’s likely the pipe section needs a replacement. All plumbers deal with these common plumbing repairs. If the leak is small, then the plumber usually just needs to patch the area with a permanent solution.

Water Pressure Repairs

The water pressure lowers for a multitude of reasons. Clogs, for example, change the water pressure because blockages make it harder for water to flow through the pipes. When this happens, the pressure lowers.

Common plumbing repairs for this issue depend on the cause of the problem. For example, if a clog is to blame, then a plumber clears the blockage. If it has to do with a leak, the plumber addresses the leak to prevent water damage and restore pressure levels.

In any circumstance, the plumber usually uses a camera to inspect and find where the problem starts. Water pressure problems occur all throughout the system, so the video inspection ensures the plumber addresses the right area.

Water Heater Repairs

Finally, tankless water heater repairs are common for those in Indianapolis. If you experience no hot water in your home, the water heater likely is to blame. The pilot light usually comes into play when this issue arises. Homeowners are able to relight the pilot on their own, but more drastic measures must be taken by the professionals.

When the pilot light or sediment isn’t to blame, the issue likely needs the help of a plumber because water heaters are dangerous if handled incorrectly. The plumber assess the thermostat, thermocouple, and the pilot to make sure they aren’t faulty. If they are, the plumber repairs them.

How Common Plumbing Repairs Benefit Your Home

The benefits of common plumbing repairs done by professional plumbers go beyond a job well done. When homeowners tackle these issues on their own, the potential to miss important aspects of the job increases. Plumbers inspect the issue in its entirety, which means no problem is left unfixed.

  • Clearer pipes. When the pipes receive professional cleaning and clearing, they are clearer overall. While homeowners remove clogs on their own all the time, the clearing and cleaning often doesn’t remove all of the blockage. With a video inspection and the tools available to a plumber, the clogs are thoroughly removed and the pipes cleaned.

  • Fewer leaks. With temporary at-home fixes, the leaks are likely to pop up in other areas because the short-term solutions are not made to withstand long periods of use. Plus, when plumber repair the leaks, you are surer that the rest of the system is solid because they inspect the plumbing with a camera.

  • Increased lifespan. Repairs done by a professional rather than the homeowners ensures the lifespan of the plumbing doesn’t decrease because of silly mistakes. If you attempt to remove a clog on your own, but the actual problem lies with roots in the sewer line, the damage done by the roots decreases the longevity of the system the longer they grow into the line. Plumbers remove the actual issues the first time around.

Benefits of common plumbing repairs are inevitable because when a professional does the work, you know it’s done right.

To Address Your Common Plumbing Repairs, Call Mr. Plumber!

Common plumbing repairs done by a professional plumber are done thoroughly and correctly the first time around. Several plumbing issues have at-home solutions, but if they don’t address the real cause of the issue, then they have the potential to create more problems.

The plumbers at Mr. Plumber in Indianapolis, Indiana know how to handle your common plumbing repairs. The services above are all part of our list of repairs. We also cover many other issues, so give us a call to learn more about our services.

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