Where Should You Purchase Your New Water Heater?

Who Should You Choose to Install a Water Heater?

Equipment selection is an important when you buy a new water heater for use in your Central Indiana home – the right unit serves you as an efficient source of ample hot water for many years to come. When making this important purchase, where should Indianapolis area homeowners shop?

It’s tempting to turn to home improvement giants, big box stores, or even online retailers to save money when you buy a new water heater – the discounts and low prices offered do seem impressive. However, it is best to work with your trusted local plumber for your equipment purchase.

We don’t say that simply because Mr. Plumber is a plumbing company – it’s because a local plumbing contractor is your best source for professional guidance in making this purchase. Below, we describe what to expect when you buy a new water heater from a retailer vs. a plumbing company to give you a better picture of what you’re getting into if you are considering shopping retail.

If it’s time to buy a new water heater for your home, turn to Mr. Plumber for superior equipment backed by quality installation services. Contact us today to request a free estimate for water heater installation!

Retail Shopping to Buy a New Water Heater

Equipment selection varies from one retail establishment to the next when shopping for a new water heater. Many offer what appears to be deep discounts and low prices to influence your decision to buy a new water heater – but do you get what you need when you shop retail?

Water Heater Quality

The deep discounts offered by home improvement stores and online retailers stem from the quality of the products they sell. The models available through retail aren’t what you have access to when you shop through your local plumbing contractor.

Retail water heaters often include components that are lower quality than those found on equipment from a plumber. This variation makes all the difference when it comes to durability and longevity of the system. Plastic valves vs. metal, aluminum vs. alloy sacrificial anode rods, and lower insulation values are common. Unfortunately, due to the substandard materials used, these components are more prone to malfunctions and are likely to break down and require replacement before those of a contractor-purchased water heater.

Lack of Expert Knowledge

Indianapolis homeowners hire plumbers for their knowledge and experience – these traits are lacking when you turn to retail employees for guidance as you buy a new water heater. It’s unlikely that a retail employee has any experience in the plumbing industry, whereas a licensed plumber possesses years of training and experience. These factors are important when you need guidance as you select new water heating equipment.

Due to their lack of expert knowledge, retail employees simply can’t be relied upon for proper guidance as you buy a new water heater. They don’t know how to size a unit properly for your household and may not be able to provide further guidance about a particular system than the info available on the product display.

Retail employees certainly aren’t able to advise you on the installation process, which makes a difference in what water heater you buy. To upgrade to a larger tank unit, switch from an electric model to gas, or go tankless, many homes require additional work beyond simply connecting the new unit to existing infrastructure. These considerations add cost and are not always possible in every application. A retail employee isn’t able to advise you of these aspects when you buy a new water heater, because they haven’t been to your home and lack plumbing knowledge.

No Support

When you buy a new water heater from a home improvement store, big box store, or online retailer, they simply sell a product and not the services required to actually use it. Their interest is making a sale, not supporting customers throughout water heater installation – but what good is buying a new water heater for a great price if you can’t actually use it?

If you choose to buy a new water heater from a retailer, you’re really taking a risk. Unknown product quality, guesswork when selecting an appropriate unit, and lack of support simply aren’t worth the low advertised price that draws many homeowners in.

Work with a Plumbing Contractor for Your Water Heater Needs

When making such an important investment, why wouldn’t you turn to a professional for guidance? If you buy a new water heater through a local plumbing contractor, you receive more than just new equipment – you receive the installation required to use your new system plus ongoing support to assist you throughout the system’s years of service in your home.

Experience Matters

The knowledge and experience possessed by your trusted plumber work to your advantage when you buy a new water heater. Your plumber uses these assets to help you determine the right unit to buy which offers the performance and energy efficiency you desire. Plumbers are well-versed in the equipment they offer, therefore provide you with a better understanding of your options.

Size matters when it comes to a new water heater, so don’t risk choosing the wrong unit! A plumber determines your household’s hot water demand in order to figure out what size unit is appropriate for use in your home. If you’re interested in replacing your existing water heater with a larger capacity unit, one with a different fuel source, or even a tankless model, a plumber is able to explain if it is possible in your home and what additional work is required to set your new water heater up for success.

Unmatched Equipment Quality

When you buy a new water heater from a plumbing contractor, rest assured that equipment quality is sound. Plumbers are experts when it comes to water heaters, and use their knowledge to advise you of available features on different models that provide the ideal experience you seek. Plumbers don’t want their customers to experience troubles with their new units, so the equipment they sell features reliable components made from materials that last.

Plumbers buy new water heaters through relationships with equipment manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors in the industry which have developed over their years in the business. A plumbing professional is able to access better pricing to help you lower the cost of your water heater installation project. Plus, your plumber does the ordering and manages delivery for you!

Comprehensive Services, Now and in the Future

Equipment selection is only one facet of shopping through a plumber to buy a new water heater. As mentioned, plumbers don’t just sell systems, they install the equipment they sell and service it in the future.

When you buy a new water heater from a local plumber, you receive professional installation services to set up the new unit in your home. Plumbers often include a labor warranty on their work – if you have troubles with installation, the plumber completes warrantied repairs at no charge to you during the warranty period. If equipment issues arise, your plumber also handles repairs covered by your manufacturer’s warranty.

Buying a new water heater through a plumber is a homeowner’s best bet for value. As a local business, they take stock in customer satisfaction and look to build lasting relationships with those they serve. You can depend on your plumber for more than just a new unit and installation, as your plumbing company is there to help you out throughout the years.

Can I Buy a New Water Heater from a Retailer and Have a Plumber Install It?

Some homeowners still wish to take advantage of retail savings and figure they will be able to simply hire a plumber to install the water heater they bought elsewhere.

Quality plumbing contractors are unlikely to take such a job, and here’s why:

  • They Don’t Know Where the Product Came From or Its History
  • They Didn’t Advise on Equipment Selection so They Don’t Know if the Unit Is Appropriate for the Home
  • They May Not Be Experienced Working With Your Brand or Model

For these reasons, a plumber cannot warranty work performed to install a water heater bought through a retailer. Many are simply unwilling to install these units. Those who will won’t be offering you a warranty, which means you’re on the hook for repair costs.

How About Retailer Installation Services?

Today, many major retailers offer their own installation packages for products bought in-store or online, including water heaters. These services appear to be a good option for homeowners who want to buy a new water heater from a retail store, but there are a lot of drawbacks.

Retailers claim installation is performed by a licensed professional, but you have no choice of who. Whichever plumber the company contracts with is who you get to install your new water heater in your home. If you have reservations about the contractor’s qualifications or reputation, you are simply out of luck.

Homeowners often report issues with the quality of installation performed through these services. They also say it is difficult to have their issues resolved because they must work through the retailer as a middleman and not directly with the plumber. Retail installation services seem to cause more headaches than they are worth.

Shop Mr. Plumber When It’s Time to Buy a Water Heater

Mr. Plumber’s licensed plumbing professionals want you to have the best shopping experience when you buy a new water heater. Your satisfaction hinges on finding the right unit for your household’s needs, which is why our plumbers take the time to evaluate your needs and help you select a new water heater that meets them.

When you buy a new water heater from us, you buy more than just equipment – you get the professional installation services necessary for the use of your new system. What’s more is you build a professional relationship you can count on in the future, should you require further plumbing services.

Don’t risk this decision to retail – call Mr. Plumber for an estimate on water heater installation today.

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