Our Plumbers Rank the Best Water Heater Brands On The Market

What’s the Best Water Heater Brand?

Indianapolis, Indiana homeowners wonder what the best water heater brand offers their home. What are the features to look for? When do you buy a new unit? There are even more questions homeowners across the region ask. To decide which brand is the best, the homeowner must take into account the needs of the home. Otherwise, decisions are harder to make.

Mr. Plumber wants to help homeowners figure out the best water heater brand for them. There are so many features to consider in modern water heaters, and it often overwhelms homeowners. However, we cover some of the most important features to look for and when to start your search.

Best Water Heater Brands Ranked

Because there are so many water heater brands out there, it’s difficult to determine the best one. The best water heater brand seems elusive, but there are some key features to look out for. Those features are in the next section. First, the most popular brands must be discussed. These are all brands many consider to be the best at what they do.

Of course, the best water heater brand differs from homeowner to homeowner, so take your needs into consideration before you buy.

1. Navien

In 1978, Navien got its start in the water heater business. The brand began in Korea, but quickly entered the international market. They now sell in North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, and Russia. Because of their international reputation, many consider them to be the best water heater brand.

Navien keeps their brand in good standing by continuously improving their energy efficiency. It’s, for this reason, the brand only manufactures tankless water heaters. With several series dedicated to tankless units, each offers something different. Homeowners are able to choose which water heater suits their home best based on size, price, and efficiency ratings.

The water heaters offered include both condensing and non-condensing units. They each have their pros and cons, but both are generally more efficient than tank models. Condensing water heaters use exhaust gases in the water heating process, which improves efficiency. Non-condensing models remove these gases, which reduces corrosion.

2. Bradford White

Bradford White began in 1881. They produced their water heaters in Pennsylvania, and still prioritize American-made products. Though they sell to international markets, they are still indebted to their American roots. For this reason, many consider them to be the best water heater brand.

Tankless and tank models are on Bradford White’s product list. In their Infiniti Series, tankless water heaters guarantee efficiency and offer extensive limited warranties. The heat exchanger has its own warranty and other parts are in a separate plan. The tank units are also incredibly efficient because they use as little natural gas as possible. This lowers energy usage and lowers bills.

3. Kenmore

Kenmore is a recognizable brand, but usually in the kitchen appliance sphere. Kenmore became a household name in 1913 with their refrigerators. Now, they manufacture stoves, dishwashers, freezers, and even water heaters. Their expansive knowledge of what makes appliances great causes many to believe Kenmore is the best water heater brand.

They offer both tankless and hybrid water heaters. Hybrid water heaters use both a heat pump and a storage tank. This has more efficiency than a tank model but offers hot water storage not available with a tankless unit. Many homeowners enjoy the benefits a hybrid water heater has to offer because it ensures the entire home receives hot water, but doesn’t break the bank in energy and water bills.

4. Rheem

Rheem started in 1925, and are often considered the most diverse brand out there. They offer heating, cooling, water heating, pool and spa heating, and commercial refrigeration. Because of this, there are some who think Rheem is the best water heater brand.

Rheem offers the most water heater types out of the brands on this list. They have tank, tankless, and hybrid models to suit the needs of every home. Because of their wide product range, they ensure all homeowners receive the best water heater for them.

5. Rinnai

Lastly, Rinnai is also considered the best water heater brand. They began in Japan in 1920 but moved to the American market in the 1970s. They prioritize efficiency and affordability in their products.

With their tankless water heaters, they continue to improve upon their energy efficiency. Rinnai also produces hybrid water heaters. Both models are budget-friendly so all homeowners benefit from energy-efficient water heaters.

Deciding Which Water Heater Brand Best Fits Your Needs

Even the best water heater brand possesses positive and negative traits. However, homeowners need to be able to choose which pros and cons they are willing to invest in. The best water heater brand offers a range of products to suit the needs of every home. Think about what you want in a water heater. Which brand you choose depends on a few key factors. These are all things to consider when you purchase a new unit.

  • Anti-scale devices. Anti-scale devices prevent the formation of minerals on tank water heaters. Though this feature seems attractive, there are some thing to consider. If you are someone who regularly cleans the tank, this device isn’t as necessary. On the other hand, if you use well water in your home, an anti-scale device cuts down on the amount of minerals in the tank. 

  • Tank vs. tankless. Tank and tankless water heaters differ in how they actually heat the water. Tank water heaters store large amounts of water that is heated all at once. Tankless water heaters heat the water as it passes through the system. Tankless models tend to be more energy efficient, but tank units supply better hot water for multiple uses. Consider what you value more—efficiency or storage. Each homeowner has a different answer, so think of the needs of your home before you choose. 

  • Warranty. Warranties are important to consider when you purchase a water heater. The best water heater brand includes warranties for both the heat exchanger and for other parts. Annual maintenance checks are often conditions of a warranty’s terms and conditions, so be sure to schedule maintenance checks to receive your coverage.

  • Digital displays. Digital displays are helpful pieces of technology because they allow homeowners to have greater control over the water heater. This control ensures water heaters always meet the needs of the home. Additionally, with more control, homeowners experience lower bills and increases in efficiency.   

  • Capacity. Consider the size of your unit when you purchase a new water heater. This impacts how efficient the system is in the home. If you invest in a water heater that is too small for your demand, it doesn’t heat all the water you need. Professional plumbers often offer advice on how to properly size a water heater for the space. A good water heater brand offers a variety of sizes to fit the needs of every home. 

  • Glass-lined tanks. Tank water heaters sometimes have glass linings to keep rust formation at bay. These are helpful but do have some drawbacks. If the temperature is set too high, cracks are more likely. Make sure to keep an eye on the water temperature to avoid this issue.

When Do I Need a New Water Heater?

Eventually, every water heater reaches the end of its life. Though, many don’t know when to replace their old system. Water heater replacement is costly, so it’s important to know the right time to upgrade. Here are the ways homeowners figure out if their water heaters are in need of replacement.

  • Tank leaks. Tank leaks are the worst problem a water heater encounters. These leaks are unlike others because they warrant a new water heater. Other types of leaks are repairable, such as loose parts or faulty components. Cracks in the tank are not – they occur because of sediment collection in many circumstances. Clean the tank often to help prevent this issue. Additionally, be sure to check the leak really does come from the tank before you replace the unit to avoid unnecessary expenses.  

  • No hot water. A lack of hot water from the water heater at the very least indicates an issue. However, sometimes this means you need a new unit. If the problem stems from faulty thermostats or broken heating elements, repairs are possible. If the unit doesn’t fit the hot water demand of the home, then it needs replaced.  

  • Age. The longer a household uses a water heater, the more the unit loses functionality. With annual maintenance, water heaters last longer than normal, but they still reach the end of their lives at some point. In general, tank water heaters last about 8 to 12 years, depending on maintenance – tankless, around 20 years. As the water heater ages, components start to break more frequently, and the unit is unable to keep up with daily needs. In this case, homeowners need a new water heater.

  • Noises. Water heaters don’t normally make a lot of noise. Quiet water sounds sometimes happen, but loud noises and rumbling are indications of a problem. At the very least, these noises point to something in need of repairs. In the worst case, the noises mean the water heater either has significant deterioration, sediment collection, or has aged. 

  • Water discoloration. Finally, discoloration of the hot water in your home points to water heater issues. If the cold water also is an abnormal color, then the water heater isn’t the issue. If the hot water becomes reddish or brown, rust formation in the tank is likely to blame. If this happens, the water heater must be replaced. 

Find the Best Water Heater Brand with Mr. Plumber

The best water heater brand takes into consideration every homeowner out there. Look for brands with a range of options, so you know you receive the best unit for your home. The features above help homeowners choose the water heater that fits best in their home, so consider which features are in line with your needs.

In Indianapolis, Indiana, Mr. Plumber wants homeowners to experience the best water heater brand on the market. For more information or to get a quote, schedule a free water heater estimate with Mr. Plumber. We also perform regular maintenance checks to keep your system running smoothly for as long as possible.