How to Find out Which Kitchen Faucet Is Best for You 

Homeowners in Indianapolis, Indiana need to know the best kitchen faucet to install in their home. Whether your family is due for an upgrade, or if you just moved into a home and need to renovate, Mr. Plumber has all the information you need about kitchen faucets. No one wants to be stuck with a faucet they hate!

The perfect faucet seems like a myth, but with our help, the faucet of your dreams is right around the corner. From designs to the newest technology, Mr. Plumber wants homeowners to make the most informed decision possible. Let’s take a look at what makes a kitchen faucet great.

What Makes the Best Kitchen Faucet?

Hands down, a kitchen faucet should make homeowners feel relaxed, excited, and secure when they use it. Worries surrounding kitchen faucets range from water quality to basic functionality, so it’s important to get a kitchen faucet that doesn’t cause unnecessary stress.

But what does that mean? Honestly, it’s different for every homeowner. However, there are some universal characteristics that make for the best kitchen faucet.

  • Water quality. First and foremost, the best kitchen faucet improves the quality of your water. In the kitchen, you use water for consumption. Because of that, the water coming from the kitchen faucet must be of the highest quality. Otherwise, you or your family may experience sicknesses related to poor water quality.

  • Correct number of mounts. Though the number of mounts seems obvious, but homeowners often fall in love with faucets that won’t ever fit in their home because they have the wrong number of mounts. Some faucets only require one mount hole, but some need four, so be sure to check how many mount holes you have available.

  • Leak protection. The best kitchen faucet protects against leaks. A leaky faucet loses gallons of water a year. Of course, this impacts your home in multiple ways. Excess water usage leads to higher water bills. That means your faucet needs to keep leaks to a minimum in order to function well in your home.

  • Longevity. Homeowners want faucets that last a long time. When you look for the best kitchen faucet, research how long the faucet usually lasts. You need a faucet that lasts years without any large issues. Small problems are inevitable, of course, but make sure the faucet you choose keeps you protected from issues that cut the life of the faucet in half.

Types of Faucets

Though kitchen faucets are fairly straight forward, there are several types to consider before you make a purchase. Some types may not be the best kitchen faucet for your home, so carefully consider all of these options.

  • Single-handle. Like the name suggests, this type of faucet only has one handle to turn the water on and off. They’re easy to use and install but lack the ability to precisely adjust subtle changes in temperature.

  • Two-handle. Again, the name gives away this type of faucet. Two handles are used to turn the water on and off. Because of that, temperature control is easy. However, two-handle faucets can be harder to install.

  • Pull-out and pull-down. This type of faucet retracts from the sink for easy use. These types are usually single-handle. These work for rinsing vegetables and cleaning the sink. Still, if you have a small sink, this feature may not be necessary.

  • Hands-free. Hands-free faucets are truly of the future. It has no handle—you simply tap an activator to turn the water on and off. This keeps germs at bay and provides easy access to water when your hands are messy. Some models hide the activator, so be sure to get one with the activator on the front of the faucet.

  • Pot-filler. Typically, these kitchen faucets are located in restaurants. However, they are making more appearances in the home. These are installed near the stove to fill pots directly where they will boil water. But if there isn’t a water source near the back of the stove, then installation gets tricky.

  • Bar faucets. These faucets are like mini versions of your main faucet. They are intended to be secondary faucets to clear up space in the main sink. For big cooking projects, multiple people can use the faucets to do various tasks. However, space may be an issue, so consider how much extra space you have in your kitchen before you get a bar faucet.

Remember, the best kitchen faucet fits the needs of your home before anything else. Take all of these pros and cons into account when choosing your faucet to decide the best kitchen faucet for your home.

Technology in the Best Kitchen Faucet

The best kitchen faucet implements the latest technology in its design. With water efficiency a top priority for homeowners today, companies that make kitchen faucets use the most advanced technology available to meet these needs. Of course, there are other technological advances too. The best kitchen faucet not only takes the homeowner’s concerns into account but also uses the best technology on the market.

  • Hands-free. Like we stated above, hands-free faucets allow you to turn the water on and off by tapping an activator. Some are even motion activated, meaning you don’t have to touch the faucet at all! Many homeowners look for this feature because of its convenience and cleanliness.

  • Auto-turn off. Along with hands-free technology, the best kitchen sinks also have an auto-turn-off feature. After a period of time, the water shuts off on its own. This is great for people who accidentally leave the water running. No more wasting water on accident!

  • Boosted power. New kitchen faucets take water pressure into account. Homeowners want to fill containers and the sink with water quickly, so the best kitchen faucet increases flow rate with the press of a button.

  • Ceramic discs. Here’s a feature invisible to the eye on the outside of your faucet. However, its benefits are of the utmost importance. Ceramic discs are used in the place of washers to keep the kitchen faucet from leaking. Because they are ceramic, they don’t rust over time. This means they protect your faucet from leaks for much longer.

  • Filtered water. Back in the day, only fancy faucets had water filtration systems. Now, filters are considered a must-have when purchasing a kitchen faucet. Homeowners want their kitchen water to be the cleanest, safest water in their home. With filtration systems, you and your family consume fresh, clean water without worry.

  • Reduced splatter. Finally, the best kitchen faucet protects against splatter. Not much is worse than turning on your faucet to get a drink of water only to wear it instead. Splash guards are an important part of faucet technology. Luckily, most companies have this feature in mind when creating their faucets.

Best Kitchen Faucet Designs

It’s important for homeowners to enjoy looking at their kitchen faucet. You do have to use the kitchen faucet every day, after all. If you don’t like the way it looks, you’ll be irritated every time you use it! Because of that, consider these design features before you make a purchase.

  • Number of handles. Once you’ve determined the number of mounts you need, you can start examining which handles you prefer. If you prefer balanced designs, you might prefer the two-handle faucet or hands-free faucet. On the other hand, one-handle faucets favor asymmetrical designs.

  • Finish. The best kitchen faucet comes in multiple finishes to please every homeowner. Faucets are usually available in different finishes to fit the preference of every buyer. For example, many designs come in stainless steel, copper, or black. There are other finishes, but these are some of the more popular options out there.

  • Length of spout. Some homeowners prefer long spouts on their faucets while others like them short. Kitchen faucets come with various spout sizes to fit the needs of all homeowners. Take the size and depth of your sink into account when you choose a length for the spout.

  • Overall aesthetic. Consider the overall appearance of your kitchen to decide which will be the best kitchen faucet for you. Have a modern feel to the room? Or maybe you prefer things rustic? Faucets are made in a variety of styles so you have plenty to choose from.

  • Size. Finally, think about the overall size of the kitchen faucet. Some kitchens can fit a large faucet—or even multiple faucets—but others can only hold a small faucet. The best kitchen faucet for your home is the one that fits the space best!

Make the Right Decision

Now that you know all about kitchen faucets, you can decide which one is the best kitchen faucet for your home. Whether you have a modern kitchen or a rustic one, there’s a faucet out there that fits your kitchen. Be aware of how many mounts you need before you get attached to a faucet that doesn’t fit.

Mr. Plumber in Indianapolis, Indiana understands the importance of getting the best kitchen faucet available. Visit our website for more information on our plumbing services. If you need help installing your faucet, we’re happy to help. Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate on your service.

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