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How to Choose a Plumber in Central Indiana

Tips to Find a Licensed Plumber in Central Indiana

Every homeowner will need a reliable plumber at some point or another. If you have not already found a qualified plumber that you trust, the task can be daunting. Whether you are planning a remodeling project or need urgent emergency services, Mr. Plumber is here to help.

Have you ever thought about how to find a master plumber among the multitude working in your area? It can feel as challenging as finding a needle in a haystack. In an effort to help, below are some tips on how to find a plumber that you can trust.

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Where to Turn for Help

Beginning the search for a reputable plumber can be intimidating, no matter how long you have owned your home. That being said, new homeowners may struggle a little more since they may not have many connections in the area. Fortunately, you may have resources to aid in the search that you have not yet recognized.

Many people around you may be able to offer support in finding a professional plumber. To help you identify these individuals, you may want to think about who you would ask for counsel on important issues. For example, if you were going through something difficult in your life, who would you turn to for support?

  • Peers: Not everyone lives by their family. Fortunately, your peers may be able to give you some advice as to who you can trust to work in your home. If you have had to go through finding a plumber, odds are your peers have had to do so as well.  Many people will ask their general contractor for helpful tips on how to hire a plumber, though your friends may also have personal referrals to an experienced plumber.
  • People in Your Community:Even if you live far from your friends and family, you are probably still surrounded by people. Your neighbors and community members have likely needed a master plumber for basic repairs or a plumbing project in their home and may be able to turn you in the right direction.
  • Loved Ones:Your parents, siblings, and even grandparents may have some experience with finding a good plumber in your area. Most people talk with their family members frequently, though the topic of finding a plumber may not enter your regular conversation. Asking your family members may lead you to find one of the best plumbers in your local area.

Most plumbing companies, even large companies, will only take plumbing jobs within a particular area. Their service area may include specific cities or a circumferential range of 20-50 miles. When you ask for referrals to a qualified plumber, ensure that the plumber is located within your local metro area.

Asking for references from your relatives, neighbors, and friends will likely yield straightforward and trustworthy reviews. Your loved ones want what’s best for you, so they will not give you the runaround while you are working to solve your plumbing problems. Any service professionals that lack the appropriate plumber’s credentials or have had formal complaints lodged against them are unlikely to reach your ears. However, talking with friends will help you to weed out bad companies while learning about the best plumbers in the business.

Options Within Your Community

People who are new to the Indianapolis area may not have many people to turn to for help. Fortunately, most communities have established organizations that are ready to assist in the search for reputable businesses.

  • Hiring a plumber can be hard when you do not know much about the businesses in your area. However, the Chamber of Commerce in your district has loads of information on several different plumbing contractors, remodeling contractors, master plumbers, and other plumbing companies who work in the field. Visit your local Chamber of Commerce for more details on a potential plumber’s work.
  • The Indiana Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Association (PHCC)is a company that works with local plumbers to promote their business and help people to know how to choose a plumber. If you are in doubt of how to move forward with a plumbing job, contact the PHCC.

Be cautious when reading online reviews for an apprentice plumber, journeyman plumber, or even master plumbers. Some people use review boards as a way to shout their thoughts from the rooftops, though these opinions may not be extremely reliable. Online services may help you gather information on how to contact a particular plumber, though tread lightly through potential plumber’s reviews.

While the opinions of random people may vary widely, one thing that online referrals and reviews can show you is how a reputable plumber treats their clients. Pay attention to how plumbers respond to any feedback they receive. Good plumbers will take care of their clients both in-person and online. If a talented plumber receives negative feedback for some reason, they will likely respond respectfully and offer to do a repair job on the plumbing work in question.

Quality Characteristics of Good Plumbers

When you think you know a few plumbers who you would like to work with, the next logical step is to meet them and get an estimate on your plumbing work. Most people prefer to get two or three estimates to get an accurate idea of the total cost of their plumbing project. However, there is more than just money to think about when deciding which plumber will do quality work in your home. Try to find plumbers with the following characteristics when seeking estimates:

  • Appropriate Licensing: The great state of Indiana requires that reputable plumbers hold a state license to show that they have completed all of the necessary classroom instruction and can solve your plumbing issue up to building codes. A plumbing contractor should be more than willing to provide you with this license number before you trust them to work on your plumbing system.
  • Customer Service:The manner in which a master plumber interacts with their customers is vital. The best plumbers will take the time to figure out exactly what plumbing services you require and answer any questions you may have. Hire a master plumber who you feel really appreciates your business and treats you accordingly.
  • Insurance: A good plumber protects themselves while protecting their customers. Most states require plumbers to have liability insurance. This with insurance should provide both you and your plumber with peace of mind. For example, should they become injured on your property or some significant plumbing issues wreak havoc on your home, your licensed plumber has you covered.
  • Professionalism:Master plumbers will show that they belong to a qualified and professional plumbing company with how they talk and dress. They should be easily identifiable by both their trucks and uniforms. Some plumbers will even show you their valid license during the initial hiring stages to set your mind at ease. Find a plumber that takes his or her work seriously by acting like the professional they are.
  • Work Guarantee: Many service professionals will provide you with a warranty or guarantee of their work. For example, imagine that hired a master plumber to fix a plumbing problem in your powder room. If for some reason, the plumbing system should still have issues after once finished, a work guarantee will cover the hourly rate for a plumber to return and fix the original case.
  • Professional Development: Another thing to think about is how these listed professionals are improving their skills over time. With advancements in technology, some plumbing problems are becoming more challenging to solve, unless the plumbing company you are working with is staying up to date with new appliance models. You may want to ask your plumber how they continue their education through online services or other plumbing resources. The company you are working with needs to stay on top of advancements in plumbing work to offer a full range of modern solutions to modern plumbing problems.
  • Correct Estimates:Another characteristic of a good, quality plumber is their ability to give you an accurate estimate. Hiring a plumber who can accurately estimate the total cost of their plumbing services should show you that they are experienced and professional.
  • Emergency Plumbing Services: The right plumber for you will be the one who answers your call when you need them. Plumbing issues can occur anytime, and having a reliable plumber whom you feel you can trust is essential. While some large companies may have a unique protocol for what to do in an emergency, you may want to talk to your plumber about how they would handle emergency weekend or evening situations.

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While hiring a plumber may feel a bit daunting at first, using your resources and learning to identify a good plumber’s characteristics can help you find the best plumbers in your area. Mister Plumber is a reputable plumber who can solve whatever plumbing needs your family has. From installing plumbing fixtures to repairing a water heater, Mister Plumber is here for you. Contact us today for an estimate.

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