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Indiana rains can often be described as down-pours that lead to flooding in basements and crawlspaces. Flooded basements can be costly to clean-up, and there is always the possibility that you will need to replace appliances, furniture, carpet, and other items in the basement. Perhaps the worst loss is the potential damage to keepsake items that can’t be replaced. Mold can also be a problem in flooded basements or crawlspaces.

A sump pump is usually installed in the basement or crawlspace where flooding is most common and collects accumulated water in a sump pit. When the water reaches a set level, it is pumped out of the pit and away from your home’s foundation.

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Why can you still experience flooding even when you have a sump pump?

Battery Back-Up Sump Pump

Indiana rainstorms are often accompanied by lightning and strong winds that can cause a loss of power to your home. If that happens, your sump pump will not run, and your home can be susceptible to flooding. This problem can be avoided by investing in a battery back-up sump pump that will continue to work even when you lose power. Our plumbers are ready to help you select the right battery back-up sump pump for your home.

Sump Pump Maintenance

It’s great to have a sump pump as long as it works. If it is not properly maintained, it may not be able to do its job. The operation of your sump pump should be checked throughout the year by slowly pouring water into the sump pit until the float triggers turn on your pump. If the sump pump is working properly, it will shut off once the water drops below the shutoff level. If it has a problem, our plumbing team is skilled in sump pump repair and knowledgeable in choosing and installing a new sump pump if needed. It’s better to find out you have a problem before the rain starts.

Sump Pump Choice

A sump pump should be chosen based on the amount of water it has to handle and not on the size of your home. The power of a sump pump’s motor is more important than the size of the pump. If your pump cannot pump water fast enough to keep up with the water pouring into the pit, your basement or crawlspace can still flood. Our experienced plumbers can make recommendations on the best sump pump for your needs and give you the information you need in order to make an informed decision.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Sump Pump?

Your Needs – You’ll need to choose the best sump pump for your needs. One of your most important decisions will be whether or not to invest in a Battery Backup Sump Pump. Well, heavy rain is often accompanied by power outages, and the standard sump pump doesn’t operate without electricity. A Battery Backup Sump Pump will continue to protect your home and belongings even when you lose power. It also is a fail-safe in case the primary pump fails.

Warranty – Also consider the equipment warranty. You’ll get a better warranty when a professional plumber installs and maintains your system. Definitely something to consider.

“Do-it-yourselfer”? – Well, this is one of those times that you should rely on an experienced, licensed plumber and not a how-to manual. You can buy the best sump pump available, but it won’t do any good if it is not installed properly. So, don’t take any chances.

Who – Your most important decision is WHO you choose to install your sump pump system. Mr. Plumber will properly install, maintain, and provide warranty coverage on your investment. Mr. Plumber – a team that stands behind their work and whose goal is your complete satisfaction!

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Client Reviews

“It was my good fortune to have Carl as the installer of my sump pump this past June. He was on time, polite, and willing to talk to my son in Chicago about the installation. My husband of 37 years had recently died, and I was not versed on sump pumps or their installation. My son wanted to be sure the installer was the right kind of guy to be dealing with his grieving mother. Carl explained things not only to me, but also to my son to both of our satisfactions! I was so impressed with his professional appearance and attitude that I was not alarmed by the fact that a “stranger” was spending the day in and out of my house! I immediately recommended Williams Comfort Air and Carl in particular to friends who were in need of plumbing services, too. The whole process was pleasant and I’m still pleased with my sump pump. Then on one of the hottest days of the summer (July) Frank and Ryan were directed to take out my 32 year old furnace and install a new one. Having already used Williams Comfort Air for my sump pump installation, I expected a certain quality in the workers and their workmanship. Frank and Ryan did not disappoint me! They worked hard all day, had lunch with me, and continued working the rest of the 95 degree day! Once again, I felt comfortable with the two of them in my home. They were respectful and thorough with all that they did. I did recommend the company to my pastor and his wife because I felt that they would get good service from a reputable company and professional service from the guys in charge of the installation. Frank and Ryan even came back another day to show me (again) how to program the thermostat! Part of the “comfort” of Williams Comfort Air is being comfortable with the company and it employees. Both my experiences with them have proven to me and my son that they adhere to the highest standards.”

Becky A.

“Your service technician, Jason Lee, installed a Rinnai tankless water heater and Easy Water 2000 system at our home on 3-30-09. We want you to know what an outstanding job Jason and his crew did for us! Our old water heater died on Saturday, 3-28-09. We spoke with Jason on the phone that day after calling your emergency service. Jason was not able to come out to our home that day, but he took the time to discuss our needs and explain the Rinnai system to us. He also directed us to the Rinnai web site to further research this option. When Jason came out to our home on 3-30-09, he again took the time to explain the Rinnai options as well as the Easy Water 2000 system and benefits. Once we made our decision, Jason assembled his crew and immediately got to work. The entire crew was courteous and efficient. Most impressive was Jason’s willingness to miss an evening class that he is taking to finish our job! Having been without hot water for two days, this gesture of dedication was greatly appreciated by our family! We are extremely happy with the products that Jason recommended and installed and the experience with Metzler’s Mr. Plumber was exceptional at all levels. We will be happy to recommend your service to all our friends and neighbors.”

Jeffery and Elizabeth E.

Last year was a tough year as my son passed away. Two weeks later my water heater began leaking ruining the kitchen floor and bedroom closet. If that wasn't bad enough, our AC stopped working at the same time. Mr. Plumber was at my house until after midnight on a Sunday night to make sure we had hot water. Oh yes, Williams was on site and repaired my AC. It truly was a fragile time and the professionalism along with the compassion from both Mr. Plumber and Williams Comfort Air employees has created a life long client to my plumbing and HVAC needs.

Jack N.

"They replaced the entire sewer line from the house to the street using a technique called “pipe bursting” where they pull a new line through the old line. We used a coupon where for $93 they freed up a clog in our old line and put a camera down the line to figure out what the problem was... I like that they didn’t have to dig up my yard for this particular technique..."

Allen P.

The below is a Facebook posting from Mardi. All of you exemplify A Winning Team! “I had a water pipe give way in my older home on a Sunday morning, so I shut off all the water to the house. Williams Comfort Air does all of my heating and air and was coming on Monday morning for my bi-annual service. I knew they did plumbing too as Mr. Plumber, so I waited to talk to my technician, Allen. He handled the whole thing. He called it in for me, explained the gravity of the situation and got me help within a couple of hours. Thank you Allen! Because my home is on a slab and the old corroded pipe could not be fixed as it was, my sandstone floor would have had to be jackhammered up and I didn’t want that. Supervisor Mike and I looked at all of the options and also looked at all exposed pipe in the house. It was all showing signs of leakage in several places and heavy corrosion, so I opted for having the entire house re-plumbed overhead. I also chose to replace everything that processes water in my house. I got hot-water-on-demand, a rust filtration system (rusty well water), a new water softener, new R.O., a new comfort height toilet and had some inconvenient piping rerouted to the gas dryer and to the outside hose bib. As you can imagine, this was a major expense and it took three and a half days, plus extra evening hours, because the guys really cared that I have water as soon as possible. It was done so well that I was thrilled. My house is safe now and my water is right for the first time in 20 years. I didn’t feel bad at all about the expense. I had three or four big Williams vehicles in my driveway every day and three to five Williams technicians every day and every one of them was so highly skilled that I was constantly impressed and in awe of their skill. Not only were they top-notch at their jobs, but they were fun to have here and I actually missed them when the job was done. We all hugged when the job was over. Thank you Mike, Jared, Bob, Brandon, Jeff, John and Dan. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You made me very, very happy, but I know that you know that.”