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Just southeast of Indianapolis sits the community of Shelbyville, IN. Home to newer neighborhoods and lovely older homes, Shelbyville homeowners always have one thing in common – the need for a good plumber! No matter how much you work to maintain your home’s pipes and fixtures, the occasional breakdown will occur. When this happens, knowing who to call can be a real lifesaver!

Mr. Plumber performs total home plumbing services for all homeowners in the Shelbyville, IN area. We are equipped to tackle plumbing issues big and small, whether you have a clogged toilet or burst pipe. Don’t overlook seemingly simple plumbing problems, as a wait for repairs could result in serious water waste and even more damage to your plumbing components.

Our team is on call around the clock, which means you can reach us any hour of the day, any day of the year when you have a plumbing emergency at your home. When an overflowing toilet or broken pipe spills several gallons of water per minute out into your home, time is of the essence! Mr. Plumber arrives quickly and gets to work to stop leaks, mitigate water damage, and repair your plumbing system.

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Plumbing Repair in Shelbyville, IN

Plumbing problems happen from time to time, despite our best efforts to avoid them. Some issues seem minor and we have a tendency to put off calling for repairs, like a slow faucet leak or a water heater that just doesn’t seem to get warm enough. The longer these issues persist, the more likely they are to worsen – early plumbing repairs can make the difference between a simple repair and a more complex replacement job.

Whatever plumbing issue you experience in your Shelbyville, IN home, call Mr. Plumber right away for plumbing repair service. Our team of licensed plumbers always travels equipped with a range of tools and replacement components, which allows us to perform many repairs in just one visit! If you don’t know exactly what’s wrong with your plumbing, don’t fret – Mr. Plumber performs complete diagnostics, leaving no stone unturned to identify the extent of your plumbing troubles and ensure proper repairs are made to completely stop the problem.

Water Heater Replacement in Shelbyville, IN

Homes in Shelbyville, IN utilize different types of water heaters to provide hot water for bathing, cleaning, and other household activities. The conventional tank style water heaters are common, yet many homeowners have already upgraded to tankless water heaters in efforts to conserve both water and energy. No matter which type of water heater you have installed at home, one thing is for certain – it won’t last forever.

When it’s time for a new water heater, turn to Mr. Plumber for affordable equipment and trusted installation services. Water heater replacement will alleviate issues with lacking hot water supply, lukewarm water, and even leaks that originate from your older, failing water heater. We help you find the best water heater replacement for your home and budget from our great selection of new tank and tankless water heater systems. Both natural gas and electric water heaters are available, and we can help you convert to a more energy efficient fuel source if saving money is your wish.

Sump Pump Replacement in Shelbyville, IN

Underground areas of the home can experience flooding when water seeps in through the foundation. Heavy rainfall and melting spring snows saturate the ground with water, which means your basement or crawlspace may be at risk of water damage without the right line of defense. As infiltrating water moves to the lowest point in the home, it needs to be removed or else it will continue to accumulate and ruin everything nearby, including the home’s structural elements.

Sump pumps remove water from basements and crawlspaces, keeping homes dry and protected from moisture issues after the fact. Installed in a sump pit that gathers water, the sump pump removes water and sends it outside of the home, far away from the foundation so it won’t cause damage. Mr. Plumber installs dependable sump pump systems that work as needed to eliminate water in areas of the home that sit below ground level.

In addition to a new sump pump, we urge you to consider having a battery backup sump pump installed as well. This equipment operates as a secondary sump pump should your primary system give out, become overburdened, or simply not turn on when needed. You won’t have to worry about flooding if a storm knocks out your power – a battery backup sump pump has a power source independent of your home’s electrical service.

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