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You never know what kinds of surprises you will discover in your Elwood, IN home, but there is one area that strikes fear into the heart of even the most proactive homeowner: plumbing issues. When plumbing problems rear their ugly heads, homes can develop all kinds of issues, including problems with indoor air quality, flooding, and even mold and mildew growth. Fortunately, when you are faced with plumbing issues, Mr. Plumber is always ready to help.

With a team of experienced, licensed plumbers, you can always find the professional service you need to make things right. We answer our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can count on assistance when you need it the most. Whether you are faced with a broken main water line, a drippy faucet, or even a clogged toilet, our team can dispatch a professional right away to help. When professionals arrive, they will use state-of-the-art tools and technology to get right to the cause of the problem, and many repairs can be completed the same day.

If you are worried about costs, rest assured that you are getting the best deal possible by working with our team. We are committed to keeping costs low and offering convenient financing, making it easier for homeowners to take care of the issues that pop up from time to time. Here are a few of the ways we can help you with your home.

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Plumbing Repair in Elwood, IN

When you are faced with a plumbing problem in your Elwood, IN home, it can be difficult to know what to do next. You might wonder if you should turn off your main water line, start cleaning up the mess, or work on unclogging that drain or toilet. Plumbing can be incredibly complicated and even dangerous, since sewage tends to carry bacteria and viruses that can harm your family. Fortunately, you never have to expose your crew to hazards, because you always have a team of professional Indiana plumbers ready to help.

At Mr. Plumber, we want you to know that we are here to take your call, regardless of what kind of plumbing issue you are faced with. There is no job too large or insignificant for our team to assess and manage. We offer professional consultations and put you in charge of what happens next. We manage a long list of repairs and plumbing improvements, including relocating supply or drainage lines.

Turn to our team of professional plumbers for help you can count on in a hurry. We answer our phones around the clock and can dispatch a team right away. Your plumber will be an employee of our company, because we don’t believe in outsourcing work. Give us a call to start on the road to a healthier plumbing system.

Water Heater Replacement in Elwood, IN

How old is your water heater? If your tank-style water heater is older than 10-12 years, you are likely ready for a replacement. While modern on-demand systems can last as long as 20 years, both varieties of water heaters tend to experience more problems sooner if they haven’t been properly maintained. Water heater replacement is something many homeowners are facing in Elwood, IN, but here at Mr. Plumber, we make things easy.

The minute we hear that your water heater has stopped warming your water or has sprung a leak, we will dispatch a licensed, certified Indiana plumber. We can help with careful diagnostics to rule out issues or consult with you about a full replacement. We have a team of specialists on hand to help you to decide which water heater is right for your home, because every situation is different. We want you to know that you can count on our team here at Mr. Plumber to deliver the best service possible. We can even help with electricity to natural gas conversions, which can help you to save money.

Sump Pump Replacement in Elwood, IN

If you have a sump pump in your Elwood, IN home, you may count on it to find and remove standing water before it floods your home. However, even the best sump pumps don’t usually last longer than 10 years or so, and you may not realize your system is experiencing issues until it is too late. At Mr. Plumber, we offer comprehensive service for sump pumps, including maintenance, repairs, and full system replacements. Our licensed Indiana plumbers may be able to switch out your sump pump in as little as one day or install a supplemental battery-powered backup to assist your main unit.

Call Mr. Plumber if you suspect any issues with your sump pump, because it could be the most important call you make this year. Having a working sump pump can ward off water damage, mold growth, and structural problems in lower areas of your home, including crawlspaces and basements. We want to help, and we are always up to take your call.

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