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Proactive homeowners in Alexandria, IN can handle all kinds of home repairs, but when it comes to plumbing systems, it’s always nice to have a professional you trust ready to help. Plumbing issues can impact the ambiance and sanitation of your home, especially if sewage is involved. Whether you are faced with a leaky faucet or a flooded basement, Mr. Plumber is always up to take your call.

Our goal here at Mr. Plumber is to help you with your home plumbing issues, regardless of what may be going on. Our team of licensed Indiana plumbers are on hand 24/7/365 to help with plumbing repairs, and we use the best new technologies to hone in on the issue quickly and efficiently. From the moment you call in, we will work hard to understand and resolve your concerns, because we know how stressful leaks, unexplained water use, non-functional drains, and clogs can be. When you call our team to help, you can rest assured that we will find the cause of your home plumbing issues and implement a lasting repair. Here are just a few of the service areas we specialize in.

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Plumbing Repair in Alexandria, IN

Families in Alexandria, IN know how important functional plumbing is for routine daily life. A single clogged garbage disposal or leaky toilet can derail an entire morning, since it may become impossible to use your dishwasher or leave your home without worrying about coming back to a flood. When it comes down to it, many plumbing repairs simply can’t wait, which is why Mr. Plumber is always on hand to help.

Our team of experienced, licensed, bonded, and certified plumbers help homeowners every single day with issues like poor water pressure, hidden leaks, broken plumbing fixtures, and sewer line clogs. When water-using appliances or fixtures in your home stop working properly and plumbing is the cause, we are here to help, day or night.

As soon as we understand the problem, we will dispatch trained professionals to your home who will perform very careful diagnostics. After they know precisely what the issue is, our team will discuss the problem with you extensively, so that you can decide how you want to proceed with repairs. Instead of simply focusing on tackling plumbing repairs, also offer help with ongoing plumbing problems, such as improper water pressure or high use. We want to help you to save money and enjoy a comfortable home, so please give us a call the next time something goes wrong.

Water Heater Replacement in Alexandria, IN

Would you believe that your home water heater accounts for as much as 20% of your annual energy use? Old water heaters can burn through energy, which is why many Alexandria, IN homeowners opt for replacements sooner, rather than later. Unfortunately, many families learn they need a new water heater because of hot water disruptions or floods. When water heaters get old, they can develop rust and corrosion that causes leaks. Sometimes, water heaters can develop internal problems that damage the system’s ability to control water temperature. When your water heater needs to be replaced, you may notice a lack of available hot water.

There are all kinds of reasons to replace your hot water heater, but when it comes to trusting a professional to tackle the job, call Mr. Plumber first. Our team of licensed, bonded, and certified Indiana plumbers are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to calculating estimated hot water use, which makes it easier to find the model that would work best for your home. During installation, our team can even help you to make the switch from electric to natural gas systems, which can save you money. Our team can even haul away your old water heater, because we believe in making things easy for our customers.

Sump Pump Replacement in Alexandria, IN

While large-scale floods aren’t common in Alexandria, IN, they occur in private residences all the time. Homeowners can experience floods because of burst pipes, plumbing problems, or even inadequate property grading around their home. Since floods are caused by everything from broken sprinkler lines to heavy rainfall, it’s important to have a line of defense against rising floodwaters.

Sump pumps can help you to avoid problems, since they are installed in the lowest portions of your home, and designed to detect and remove water quickly to keep your space dry. Here at Mr. Plumber, we can install sump pumps quickly and efficiently to keep your home from flooding. We offer everything from sump pump repairs and maintenance to installing secondary, battery-powered sump pumps that work even when the power is out.

Our licensed team of plumbers can answer your questions and find solutions that work for your household, so let us know if you are considering a new sump pump.

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